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I am planning on getting LONDON UNDEAD out for Halloween but it might not be possible. I am at that point in the middle of the story where I know where it is going, but not how long it will take to get there.

So to cover the bases and get a new book out for the Fall/Winter, I will release the next Legion book. I have been working under the title Nightmares for this book but that is not the official title, the real title will come and publication so as to avoid spoiling the plot.

For those who have been reading the series, the Proletarian has secured Russia and rebuilt a new Soviet empire. Now the Legion must sneak into the new USSR and retrieve a scientist who just might have the knowledge they need to defeat the clone with the power of nuclear fire in his veins. In order to get him, the Black Flag must go undercover and into the Gulag. . .

My first published comic comes out tomorrow. Artifacts #39 by Top Cow/Image.

I will be signing and meeting fans at Silver Snail tomorrow afternoon, with another signing at the Comic Book Lounge later that evening, on September 17th. I will have copies of the Fan Expo printing of The Corrupter with me if anyone wants one!

Thanks for all the support guys!


Writer: Raven Heisenberg
Artist: Gustavo Brocanello
Colorist: Eddy Swan
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Editor: Betsy Gonia
Cover: Stjepan Sejic
Publisher: Top Cow Productions

On Sale: September 17, 2014
Price: $3.99
Rated: Teen+

Artifacts 39 sees the story of the very first Darkness bearer told by Jackie Estacado.  Congratulations to the 2013 Talent Hunt winning team. Can only imagine your excitement at holding this book in your hands.

In the words of Top Cow:

Artifacts #39 is here, and these two Talent Hunt Winners have crafted an amazing story! Written by Raven Heisenberg, with art from Gustavo Brocanello (colored by the eminent Eddy Swan), the Talent-Hunt-winning script “The First Darkness” brings you just that – the first Darkness! It also answers the somewhat disturbing question we know you’ve often asked: just what kind of messed-up bedtime stories get told in the Estacado household?

I will be signing issues of this book on the day of release at SILVER SNAIL and The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery.

12 PM to 3PM at the Silver Snail

4:30 to 6:30 at the Comic Book Lounge

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014.



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EARTH MAN is the first of three books focusing on the battle between Earth’s chosen protector, Danny Boyle, and the alien race known as The Growth.


In order to protect itself from an alien scourge, the planet Earth chooses a good-hearted Canadian to infuse with great power. Danny Boyle finds himself gifted with superhuman abilities and suddenly his simple life in Kelowna, British Columbia is turned upside down. Three monsters no bigger than a flea descend to Earth, burrowing into the flesh of the living creatures of the planet and changing them into the perfect hosts. Their hunger has taken the Growth across the stars and they have left a thousand dead worlds in their wake. Mankind has no idea that evil now walks among them and Danny must quickly learn to decipher the strange clues the animals and the trees are sending him. With the power of Earth’s animals at his command, Danny must find the hero inside of him before everything he knows and everyone he loves is lost.




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During the four days of Fan Expo, I will be offering the Kindle edition of The Legion: Magic and The Legion: Death Machines for free on Amazon.com.

Come by table L59 for the website address to download your copy or watch for it online!

Unfortunately I can’t sign your digital devices, but if you buy a book, I can sign that, AND you get the free digital books!

Don’t ever say I don’t love you guys.




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Now entering its 20th year, FAN EXPO Canada™ showcases over 900 exhibits and sprawls to over 750,000 square feet and over 100,000 fans.

It’s SDCC North and I am totally grateful to James Armstrong and everyone else involved with the show for bringing me in as a guest.

You can find me at LEVEL 800, Outside of HALL G of the SOUTH BUILDING of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
EDIT: My table is L59, outside the main hall, outside the Hall G building, outside the Food Court. It’s a great location because it is near the guest lounge and VIP room.

Books are limited, there is a real possibility I will sell out early, but I will be offering free digital copies to anyone who comes to the table and asks for one. There will be a sign-up form on the table, just write down your e-mail address and the book you want and I will be e-mailing them out after the show ends in PDF form. I had a great time there a few years back and its going to be even better this time, so come out and party!




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They have consumed a thousand worlds. The Earth is next. As the planet’s chosen champion, Danny Boyle must learn how to use his power to mimic the abilities of animals to stop an alien species that can consume and mutate flesh.

Available now from Amazon for the Kindle and other devices.



Robin Williams RIP


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If there is anything that we can learn from the death of Robin Williams, it is this:

Mental illness is a serious problem. Those of us who suffer with it will never, ever really be free of it. It is a beast that waits until your smile fades and the door closes before it strikes. No matter how many people love and care for you, it will wait them all out. It will wait in the corner until you return to your room alone. It will creep in the dark and dank places of your mind until a tragedy or moment of stress stirs it into action. It doesn’t matter how many movies you make, or how many laughs you share, it is there, lurking in the corner, waiting until everyone is gone and no one is looking.

I don’t want to say he committed suicide, because he was running away from a monster his entire life. When a construction worker is killed on a construction site, we do not say it was suicide, even though the man knew the risk and danger when he chose that job. That is what living with mental illness and depression is like; it is the risk and danger we have to live with to entertain others, to tell our stories and survive the constant attacks on our minds by our own emotions. When someone you know suffers from mental illness you need to be constantly vigilant, if you even blink the darkness can overtake them.

I am sorry Robin Williams, that we all blinked when you needed us.

My First Children’s Book: The Cat Prince


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CPcover copy


Come along with a boy named Kai into the strange country known as Pumpkinland! The evil Shadow Queen has stolen the throne and only Kai, the Cat Prince and his loyal companion Mr. Tipps can stop her before all of Pumpkinland is lost!

The book is 9 x 7, which means it won’t be available on Amazon for a while because all the pages would have to be manually changed in size. For now, it is a big, beautiful, colorful book featuring the artwork of Shari Chankhamma.

Paperback, 118 Pages




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