With this article I wanted to focus on a character that I’ve never used in a Heroclix game; Loki, the God of Mischief!

The first ever Loki appeared in Mutant Mayhem (Why?) and was a tank with a glass jaw. 096 Loki had great attack stats but no damage reducers and very low defense. With the Doom team ability I believe he was meant to be surrounded with cannon fodder until he could position properly. With the Hammer of Thor set, which came out after I stopped collecting, they came out with three unique representation of the God of Lies, a male version with the standard horn helm and a female version, as well as the duo dial with Thor and Loki. The duo is a beast at 362 points, a 12/11 attack and a 5/4 damage. With Running Shot, Shape Change and Mystics team ability, this long dial old-school figure would be tough to beat even by Modern standards.

As the main villain of the Avengers movie, the Mass Market Chase sculpt from that set was a one man army. 220pts, Mystics team, Power Cosmic and Shape Change AND Super Senses, as well as Perplex and PC coming in at random spots in the dial. He also has two unique abilities:

HE STRIKES FROM WITHIN: Loki can use Toughness, and all copyable Team Abilities that opposing characters can use.
SOUL SHRED: Loki can use Mind Control. When he uses it and hits, after actions resolve give the character a Corruption token. Characters with Corruption tokens modify their defense value by -1 for each Corruption token.

I am not sure how you would make this figure work on a 300 pt team, but he has a lot of potential to be fun and disruptive on larger forces. The Avengers set also features another sculpt with two figures at 125 pts and 85 pts. The Avengers movie came out six years ago, has it been so long??


Then came the Chaos War. No idea what that set was from, I stopped reading Marvel comics long before this set came out, but they included a Super Rare Loki in this set with a unique Shape Change ability that protected his entire team. Unlike the early versions in MM, this Loki has Invulnerability. Most Loki figures from this point on will have at least Toughness, after all he is still an Asgardian.


In Fear Itself, we get the first appearance of Kid Loki riding a Hel-Wolf, with the carry ability on a peanut shaped base. Kid Loki comes with opening dial Charge, B/C/F and Outwit combo and is only a 100 points. With a Move and Attack ability, I guess he must have been a threat back when he was released, although as a Limited Edition I am not sure how you would have gotten a hold of one.

Thor: The Dark World comes with a Starter Set Loki and a Rare Loki with a bizarre countdown click dial. I guess he was meant to be movie accurate. I fell asleep during the movie, so moving on . . .

At this point it should be noted that at least half of all Loki figures from this point on are based off Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of the character.

The Avengers Assemble set comes with two versions of a Rare Loki fashioned after the classic Kirby look. Although he is armed with the sword neither version seems to get B/C/F. The most common trait among the various Loki figures is Shape Change and a few of them have Mind Control as well. I never really faced anyone with MC until the latest X-Men set came out (with that pacifist punk Prof. X).

In the Avengers/Defenders War set we get another dual Loki dial, this time with Dormammu. By this point the dual dials have been retired, so this figure is basically a single figure with two models on the base and stats that represent them both. Not only can they create Mindless Ones and they also have the Mystics team ability, but at 220 pts I doubt they are going to get much play.


Finally we get to the Mighty Thor set, with 4 versions of Loki. 102 can use an Illusion Token to keep from being KO’ed and may use Colossal Stamina. Lady Loki makes an appearance again as a Chase with a great sculpt, Loki Staff object and a weird dial that allows shape changing into another woman and back again (?). Kid Loki returns as Loki, Agent of Asgard a teenage version of the character, a Super Rare and armed with a sword with B/C/F’s on the dial! This is a Title Character figure, which might not be playable for everyone, but he is perhaps the cheapest Loki yet made at 60 pts. The final Loki of this set is the God of Trickery, that allows you to place two other Loki illusions on the map.

GOD OF TRICKERY (+10 POINTS): During force construction, you may add two TMT #002 Loki to your starting force on the click #1 that appears after the (orange) KO. It has a 0 point value for all effects (including scoring).
ILLUSION OR REALITY: Loki starts the game on the click #1 that appears after the (blue) KO. Until an effect needs to know, you don’t have to reveal the point value of a TMT #002 Loki.
THIS NO LONGER AMUSES ME: STOP. Invulnerability. Each time this click is revealed, KO all other friendly TMT #002 Loki.

This character made a few appearances in YouTube games and can be fun to play if you get duplicate copies of this Common figure.

There was also a Teen Loki released as a 2015 Convention Exclusive. This Loki is a bit expensive at 115 pts, but he does have the ability to take keywords from a Thor figure, so he could be used on an Avengers team. Strangely, he also has the Young Avengers trait, which must have something to do with the comics.

Finally there is the Ragnarok Thor set. TRM007 is one I own and one I am planning on playing at some point. What I like about this cheap 70 pt Loki is his ability:

SOWING DISTRUST: FREE: Choose two opposing characters that are adjacent to each other and are both within 6 squares and line of fire to Loki. Place one of them into a square adjacent to its current square.

It took me a while to figure out how this ability could be used. It is the perfect foil for Mastermind figures. Characters like Lockjaw for example, who are super good MM fodder, can be moved away from your target so that they cannot transfer the damage. It can also be used to move characters out of range of a Defend ability, but of course you have to team him up with a heavy hitter, someone like Ragnarok Hulk, for example? Lots of Loki’s out there, with lots of various play potential.