Due to the funeral last week, I didn’t get a chance to post the latest adventure and I don’t really recall much of it, so I will just quickly summarize.

Only three members of the group could make it this week; Bonk the Cleric, Guunt the Barbarian and Ombra the Tabaxi Monk. First they visited Rictavio in his tower, where he gave them some guidance on deciphering the cards from Madame Eva. Ricatavio told them his real name and his curse and he mentioned his lost disciple Esmerelda as well as a dark place known as the Amber Temple.

They headed off (with Victor the kid from Vallaki, who is now a member of their party) toward the Wizard of Wines and met the old man who runs the place. Before they could get inside the trig blights attacked but were quickly dispatched. Then the evil druid appeared with his corrupted Treant which they quickly killed. After that, they headed over to Yester Hill to track down the missing gem stone. Immediately upon arriving Guunt heard the call of the Blood Spear. There were six Barbarians and six Druids there, worshipping the crude wooden statue of Strahd. Ombra cast darkness on the statue and climbed up to remove the stone, just as Strahd appeared on his flying horse. Strahd took a look at his old home and his presence distracted the druids so that they did not see what the Tabaxi was up to. As Strahd turned to leave, he gazed up at the effigy and said aloud “it is a poor imitation of me.” By this point the druids were starting to freak out, I depicted them as completely maniacal, dirty, savages. Guunt managed to avoid confrontation by telling the druids what Strahd had said about the ugly statue. Upset that they had disappointed their dark lord, the druids began shrieking and stabbing themselves with sharp sticks. The Barbarians nearby wanted no part of what was happening and decided to pull back once they were sure the party was not going to disturb their burial mounts. Guunt had acquired the Blood Spear and the Barbarians were not sure what action to take to please their ancestors so they left them alone, perhaps thinking Guunt had been chosen, which was true, since he heard the voice of the original bearer telling him exactly where to find it. The small group did a fantastic job this session of talking their way out of situations.

The group returned to the Winery and gave back the gem stone. They learned from the Keepers of the Feather where another stone might be but decided getting wine was their primary concern. They took the last of the old wine in a cart and dragged it to Kresk which bought them passage into town, where they headed for the Abbey of Markovia. They met the mongrelfolk, who didn’t seem the least bit disturbed by a Tabaxi, Half-Orc and Furbolg, and they led them inside. Immediately the party began searching for the symbol of the sun where the relic was hidden, which they found in a wicker sun shaped effigy in the garden. Upon removing the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind, seven Wights rose from the ground and surrounded them. It was a tough battle, especially since they were outnumbered, but the group managed to pull through it. As the battle finished, they found the mongrelfolk all around them, watching them with great concern. “You must come with us to the Abbott.” They demanded, and there we ended that session for the week.