Another Quick Update

I am still waiting for Kindle/Amazon to clear GAME OF BLOOD. They seem to be playing fair, so it should come out. I can’t imagine they are scared of Sony. . . is anyone at this point?

London Undead is coming along. I am writing the final chapter/ending now.

I’ll be at the Toronto Comicon on March 20-22nd. Come out and pick up the Legion books, signed and everything!

Almost forgot, I am featured (via EARTH MAN) on Literary Selfies! Go check out all the other independent authors on their site!

Quick Update

So I uploaded GAME OF BLOOD to Amazon on Monday. They are currently ‘reviewing’ it, which means they are determining whether or not the copyright has indeed lapsed in certain countries and whether or not I can actually publish the thing. I should hear back from them soon.

I am currently finishing off the next Legion novel and LONDON UNDEAD. So there are quite a few books coming out this year!


Game of Blood: Bond Re-Imagined


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In a world where vampires are real and the forces of the supernatural are as deadly as any terrorist organization, only a vampire secret agent can protect mankind from the creatures of the night.

One of the world’s deadliest vampires, a man known only as “The Number,” has been a prime target of MI:13 for years. If Bond can wipe out his bankroll, The Number will likely be “retired” by his masters, a mysterious organization known only as GHOST.  But what if the cards won’t cooperate? After a brutal night at the gaming tables, Bond soon finds himself dodging would-be assassins, fighting off brutal torturers, and going all-in to save the life of his beautiful human counterpart, Vesper Lynd.

In this 21st century mash-up of Britain’s greatest secret agent, you are introduced to a whole new world of shadowy espionage, blood-drinking spies and ancient, unspeakable evil.

Take a bite out of the new Bond.



Things To Come. . .


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So on January 1st, Casino Royale entered the public domain. I’ve decided to write a variation of Bond and release it roughly at the same time as London Undead. But rewriting a book, or reprinting it, really isn’t my style. I need a new take, a new angle to make it worth the time writing and worth the time reading.

So my first Bond book is currently titled GAME OF BLOOD. Bond is part of the secret organization known as MI:13, a cadre of vampires who have protected the British Empire in one form or another for hundreds of years. His enemy, a dangerous vampire known as The Number, is deep in debt to a shadow organization known as SPECTRAL. It is Bond’s mission to beat The Number, forcing those to whom he owes the money to come out of the shadows.

I am using the original novel Casino Royale, with added changes in the style of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I’m taking a lot of the French out and streamlining the book, so that is a little less dense and plodding. Essentially, I’m giving it a blood transfusion, pumping new life into an old character.

Obviously that is not art from my book, it is just an image I found when you Google JAMES BOND VAMPIRE.

So I should be releasing in the first half of this year:
Two Horror Novels: Game of Blood and London Undead, roughly around the same time.

Two Science Fiction/Superhero Novels: I want to release a Legion book soon, and a second one by May.

After that, I have to decide what to finish off. I need to start Earth Man 2 at some point, and I’d like to finish off either PUNCH or SPIRA for the end of the year.

Wish me luck!
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The Corrupter – Now On Sale


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The future. 

From the first moment Oberon O’baron laid eyes on the robot, he was in love. With just a glance the petite artificial girl set his heart aflame, sending him into an obsessive frenzy. As the old-fashioned Englishman struggles with his new found passion, he is led into a world of political agendas, futuristic vice and sexual frustration. Oberon is obsessive, cowardly, self-loathing and weak but his mind is sharp and his dedication unwavering. All the pleasures he had denied himself, all that he had missed out on could be reclaimed. All he needs is HER. 

The Corrupter is a science fiction tale of obsession, set in a world where everyone is watched and nothing is private.

Print and Digital are now available from Amazon. It will also be available from other online retailers on August 1st.




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EARTH MAN is the first of three books focusing on the battle between Earth’s chosen protector, Danny Boyle, and the alien race known as The Growth.

In order to protect itself from an alien scourge, the planet Earth chooses a good-hearted Canadian to infuse with great power. Danny Boyle finds himself gifted with superhuman abilities and suddenly his simple life in Kelowna, British Columbia is turned upside down. Three monsters no bigger than a flea descend to Earth, burrowing into the flesh of the living creatures of the planet and changing them into the perfect hosts. Their hunger has taken the Growth across the stars and they have left a thousand dead worlds in their wake. Mankind has no idea that evil now walks among them and Danny must quickly learn to decipher the strange clues the animals and the trees are sending him. With the power of Earth’s animals at his command, Danny must find the hero inside of him before everything he knows and everyone he loves is lost.


Hiatus is Over – The Tragedy

I think it has been two weeks since my last post, since that time we’ve rang in the new year, I’ve gotten sick with a head cold, and innocent people in France were murdered over a cartoon. A tragedy like that changes the world, especially when it was over something so trivial.

How insane must someone be to want to kill over a cartoon? Immediately this tragedy reminded me of the murder of Theo Van Gogh. Yes, the ancestor of the great painter.
On 2 November 2004 Van Gogh was murdered by Mohammed Bouyeri, a Dutch-Moroccan Muslim. He was named after his paternal uncle Theo, who was captured and executed while working as a resistance fighter during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during World War II.Theo van Gogh was the great-grandson of Theo van Gogh, the brother of the world-famous painter Vincent van Gogh.

What a rich history, what an interesting family. This was in the Netherlands. Now France. I’m not going to into a tirade against Islam, because I know I this has nothing to do with Allah and everything to do with people being self-absorbed and insane. How fragile do you believe your God to be, that he needs you to kill for him? That he/she/it would take offense at a drawing or a film? From country to country, city to city, these extremists are leaving a bloody stain across the globe which no one seems to have a solution for. It is a very depressing, heart-rending start to the new year, primarily because things aren’t going to be get better. The people we trust for our safety and security, those trusted to serve and protect, have killed even MORE people than terrorists. Crime is at an all time low and yet it seems that death is all around us.

With all this terror going on, here I sit writing about the destruction of 19th century London, wondering what I am offering the world. I’ve often criticized the fans of the Walking Dead for their obsession with murder-porn, death for the sake of titillation, without character or story. How is what I am doing any different? Am I not just putting out more violence in the world?

Then I realized that isn’t what I do. The story isn’t about the zombies, or the deaths, or the violence. Neither is life.
My stories are about hope. People DO live, people DO survive, the human race continues on, despite the fictional zombie attacks or the real life terrorists. People find love in the darkest places, they find strength they never knew they had, they fight back with every ounce of their souls, that is what my stories are about. And that’s what life is about too.

Every life is story, all of them, intermingled and entwined together. Sometimes terrible things happen and good people die, their stories cut short, their endings tragic. Like characters in a novel though, we must push on, we must become the heroes of the stories that those innocent victims had cut short. Whether we settle for justice or vengeance is irrelevant, all that matters is the story must come to an end.

Hopefully someday these idiots will realize they are not the heroes of their faith, they are not chosen by their God to be the center of the plot. They are the bad guys, the villains, the disposable, forgettable merchants of evil who always get their dues eventually.

2015. Bad start. But this is only chapter 1.

Last Day for Free Legion Book!


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From December 24th through December 26th, The Legion: Broken Arrows will be free for the Kindle through If you already have the first two books, than you can get the next installment for free. If not, now would be a good time to get caught up! Only available through

Best of 2014


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I’ve been busy writing and not keeping up with the blog here, so I wanted to give a fun, quick, post on my favorites of 2014. Since I watch a lot of movies and television, most of my picks will be from that field.

MOVIES of 2014

Best Science Fiction Movie: Snowpiercer

Runner-Up: Edge of Tomorrow

Someone else said it best when they said Edge of Tomorrow was Groundhog Day with aliens. It was such a smart, fun, film, with Cruise in full crazy Cruise mode. But I had to give it to Snowpiercer because of it was such a unique film. Both films had a fantastic cast and you should definitely watch them both. I know the artsy crowd will go with Interstellar, but for sheer fun and insanity, these two films are the best of the year.

Best Film: The Lego Movie

Runner-Up: Guardians of the Galaxy

Oh sure, Guardians was a blockbuster, a juggernaut of a film, but would audiences have been in the mood for the zany adventures of those space heroes if not for the warm-up good will created by the Lego Movie? Lego set the tone for the entire year, it gave everyone a positive buzz and reinvigorated our love for movies. Everything about Emmett and his crazy friends was positive and upbeat and if it wasn’t for that, we might have been too cynical for a talking tree. Lego told us everything is awesome from February to June, everything was.

Best Music Release: Prince, ART OFFICIAL AGE

Come on, Prince is back! With a familiar sound and modern production, Prince’s new albums were everything we expected them to be. Prince is still cooler than every cat out there.


Tini Howard’s work was a breath of fresh air and while we both were published for the first time by Top Cow, I have to give her a shout out for her story, since I can’t choose myself. I am hoping to read more work from her in the future. She’s just an all around good person, who I hope finds herself a nice corner of the comicbook universe. Because I think the industry needs more female voices, I’m really bored of Gail Simone writing every woman character in comics. ;)

Best Horror Movie: The Cargo

Runner-up: ABE

Technically The Cargo is not a movie and it did not come out in 2014.

However, Horror and Fantasy are two genres that I don’t keep “up to date” with. I will go back and re-read old horror and fantasy and I rarely pay attention to what is “new” or “hot” in those genres.

Cargo is a short zombie film about a guy who wakes up in a car, a zombie strapped into the seat next to him. I can’t really tell you more than that because it is such a powerful little scene that has to be seen. Come on, you can spare ten minutes.

ABE is also a short film, but I think it is technically a sci-fi short. I am putting it under horror anyway, because it is scary as hell.

I also want to give a special shout out to Keith Clarke, a good man I’ve known since childhood and the amazing short film he was a part of called UMBREOLA. Warning, it is very creepy.

Best Book: Season of the Harvest

Again, a genre I don’t keep up with. You’d think I would, given my occupation, but I don’t really think the NY Times Bestseller list is worth keeping track of. Books, like comics, is a fad driven industry. Often bad books are #1 because they are popular,  quality rarely plays a part in what is “hot” that year. My wife didn’t like Gone Girl, for example, but it will certainly be on a few lists. I don’t get the whole “Saga” thing, either. So the best I can do is pick the best book I read this year. Season of the Harvest is the best indy author offering I’ve read this year. Not a huge fan of the way it ended, but I can’t fault the guy for wanting to lay the ground work for a sequel.

Best Television Series: ARROW

It’s been a good year for television and if I had made this list last month, HANNIBAL would have gotten the top spot. But the mid-season finale on Arrow was an emotional beast. For three seasons they have made one of DC’s most uninteresting characters into one of television’s best.  Kudos to Stephen Amell and the whole Arrow team! Can’t wait for Slade Wilson’s return!

Well there you have it!
I wish I could give you guys more info on books and authors, I certainly met a lot of great ones this year, but unfortunately I spent most of 2014 writing books and not much time keeping track of who or what was new. I hope you enjoyed the list, don’t forget the free Legion book coming soon and happy holidays to all! See you on the other side of Christmas!



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