The Numbers Game

People often wonder why I give away so many free books, not just online but I also e-mail out free copies to people who buy my books in print. So I wanted to share my numbers with you guys so you know what to expect as authors and why I do what I do.

Building An Audience

On Friday, March 20th I gave away a total of 37 books.

19 of the Proletarian Saga

10 of the Legion Book 3: Broken Arrows

5 of the Corrupter

3 of the Cat Prince

But I also sold a copy of Game of Blood.

On Saturday, March 21st, I gave away only 16 books and had no sales.

On Sunday, March 22nd, I gave away 20 books.

I also sold a copy of Legion Book 1: Magic. This is a carry over sale, probably from the free books. Someone got the freebie and decided to try the series.

But here is the cool thing, yesterday Monday the 23rd, after the Con and promotions were done, I sold a copy of the Legion comic #1 and #2, again carry over sales from the freebies. Someone read the books and wanted to read the comics as well.

Ironically, I sold three more copies of Game of Blood. What that tells me is that people saw my name and were interested in seeing my name of a franchise project like James Bond. Sure, James is a vampire, but I think that is part of the charm of the book.

So although I only had six copies sold over the weekend, those were organic sales, grown directly from the audience I am building with the free books and the con appearances.

five or six sales from fifty or sixty free books means I generate about ten percent return sales. If I can get a thousand people to download free books, I could probably sell a hundred other books. That is why word of mouth is so important ( and reviews!). Because every person that becomes aware of the books might not be a potential sale, but they might a fan through the freebies.

Moving books is the most important part of being an author. The more people you get to see your work, the more your audience will grow. The bigger the audience gets, the more organic sales will grow from it.

Make sense?

And the only people I have to share profits with is Amazon, who makes the whole thing possible anyway. Unlike working on a comicbook project, there is no one else taking a cut, just Amazon off the top for hosting, selling and promoting the books for me.

Free Books All Weekend Long!


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Read the complete story of the Proletarian and Octobriana FOR FREE.…/…/

Free children’s book for tablets and phones!…/…/B00NR30YY4


The final battle is here! Read how the comics ended, for free!…/…/B00URQYXG4


The Corrupter

Toronto Comicon!


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March 20-22 I will be at the Toronto Comicon at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre! Table P21b at the back wall, Artist’s Alley!

I will have copies of the Legion books with me, Book 1: Magic to Book 3: Broken Arrows as well as some Fan Expo exclusive copies left of The Corrupter.


For those who can’t make it to Toronto for the convention, I will also be giving away these digital books for free from Friday to Sunday at midnight:

The Cat Prince of Pumpkinland: A children’s book about a boy who follows a cat into another world.

The Proletarian Saga: The collected story of the Proletarian from the first four Legion books. Get caught up, for free!

The Legion Book 4: Finale in Red

The Legion Book 3: Broken Arrows

Click on any of the titles to be taken to my Amazon page and starting TOMORROW morning, you can grab any of the free books you want! Since I am giving away so many free, please tell your friends to grab a copy, or consider buying one of the other titles?

Thank you guys for all the support, this blog was the best decision I ever made on social media and I hope you all continue to support me in 2015 and onward!


Women In Comics – The Costume Debate


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I don’t want to get involved in any debates about what is or is not acceptable for female superheroes to wear. All the women in my comics wear normal, fashionable clothing, the men wear the spandex most of the time.

Erik Larsen quit social media because of the firestorm he started with his views and although I don’t want to defend his comments, I didn’t read them before he quit social media, I do want to say that he was one of the only comic creators and the only guy at Image who bothered to look at my comics and give me some advice on them. Regardless of what he said, he is not a bad guy, not in the way people like Mark Millar or Brian Wood are.

So I am going to post a few images and you compare them and then you can tell me your views on costumes, based on real life examples of athletes. What is an acceptable outfit for a female superhero?

Here we go:

Hammer Throw:


Fake Wrestling:

Real Wrestling:

Track and Field:





Speed Skating:


Legion Book 4: Now Available!

A story ten years in the making is finally completed. From here on in, the books will focus more on one particular plot and won’t have as many side plots as the first four books did.

The first Legion story I ever came up with was MAGIC, featuring the Yenaldlooshi. This book was written as a homage to Alpha Flight, who also faced an ancient, Native American threat in their first appearance.


The second issue was meant to build the world around the Legion. With the characters introduced in the first comic, I was free to bring in some villains. The Proletarian and Octobriana were inspired by the first male and female superheroes in comics: Superman and Wonder Woman.  In fact, they were inspired by the Red Son versions of those characters.

My goal was to give readers something familiar, something they knew from other comics and use those archtypes to build the Legion. The new heroes I was creating were going to face the golden age heroes that comic fans knew and loved. I felt that it was going to be hard enough to get readers to support a new cast of heroes, adding totally original villains may have been too much for people to absorb at once. Comic fans love the familiar, they love homages, and with the Canadian Legion I tried to use the myths of the industry to build new gods. Unfortunately I never found a publisher for the series and after ten years of struggling I finally laid the comics to rest and began the novels.

So by the time the books started, I was already tired of this story line, which is why it is spread out over four books instead of one. I’d come up with so many more interesting ideas since the day I first created the team and I feel like I’ve finally unburdened myself of the failure of the comic and the story that took so long to tell. Now I can finally take the team in a new direction, I can tell the stories I wanted to tell but never would have been able to produce as a comicbook.

So read the stunning conclusion of the Proletarian saga and stay tuned for all new adventures from the world’s newest superhero team, the Canadian Legion!


Artifacts #39 Reviews


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“Heisenberg’s script is a sparse one. About halfway through the issue, I had a real “Ah, so that’s what you’re doing” moment. There is absolutely no dialogue from the characters in Jackie’s story. Well of course there isn’t – they’re a bunch of cavemen. Instead, what the reader gets is a very low number of captions – Jackie’s narration along with Hope and Jenny’s commentary – and it is a clever move from Heisenberg. You can go for pages without ever reading a word.”

“It is a straightforward story of loss and revenge, crafted remarkably well by writer Raven Heisenberg. Heisenberg has a sparse style, with the script being very light on dialogue. This is, of course, a caveman story, so the lack of language makes perfect sense. He does manage to inject a surprising amount of humor into the tale, both in Estacado’s narration and in the rare direct interactions between Jackie and Hope, as well as Jackie and Jenny Romano. Their interplay is endearing, and their playfulness bookends this decidedly dark tale with a light feeling that makes it go down sweetly. – See more at:…/…

What Happened to the Red Spider?

So over a year ago I mentioned a pulp novel called The Red Spider: The Cold Hand of Death. Instead of publishing that story, I actually ran it as a secondary plot in the Legion Books. So in Book 4, you will get the conclusion of the Proletarian story line as well as the Red Spider story line that will lead into the next “event”.

So the Red Spider lives on, as part of the Legion Universe!


New Page of Facebook

I decided to create a Facebook page to promote my books. I wasn’t getting a lot of positive feedback or promotion through my personal Facebook page so I thought if I invited people from the blog and other sites, people who are actually reading the books.

It seems to me that a lot of people on Facebook are more interested in seeing what I tear down, rather than what I build up. This is natural, of course, its what the internet is all about. Before I started taking medication, before I was diagnosed with a type 2 bi-polar disorder, I was quite aggressive about going after people I didn’t like. When I starte this blog I wanted to make sure none of that negativity appeared here. I’ve done my best to make the blog inclusive and engaging and now I want to carry over some of the good will and positive energy here back to the Facebook page. So please, if you’re a fan of my books or comics, come visit me on Facebook (the link is at the top of the post).

I have a BUY BOOKS link at the top of this page, on the top left, but I will be posting book covers and links to the sales pages for the books on Facebook as well.

Please check out the page and leave some feedback on the books!

Finally! Game of Blood is here!


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In a world where vampires are real and the forces of the supernatural are as deadly as any terrorist organization, only a vampire secret agent can protect mankind from the creatures of the night.

One of the world’s deadliest vampires, a man known only as “The Number,” has been a prime target of MI:13 for years. If Bond can wipe out his bankroll, The Number will likely be “retired” by his masters, a mysterious organization known only as GHOST. But what if the cards won’t cooperate? After a brutal night at the gaming tables, Bond soon finds himself dodging would-be assassins, fighting off brutal torturers, and going all-in to save the life of his beautiful human counterpart, Vesper Lynd.

In this 21st century mash-up of Britain’s greatest secret agent, you are introduced to a whole new world of shadowy espionage, blood-drinking spies and ancient, unspeakable evil.

Take a bite out of the new Bond.

PRINT edition coming soon!


So I will consider putting together a submission with an artist who is willing to commit to the project. I have an idea for a one-shot graphic novel that I’d like to pitch to Top Cow. The art team will be paid a percentage of profits and ownership, no page rate up front.

Another Quick Update

I am still waiting for Kindle/Amazon to clear GAME OF BLOOD. They seem to be playing fair, so it should come out. I can’t imagine they are scared of Sony. . . is anyone at this point?

London Undead is coming along. I am writing the final chapter/ending now.

I’ll be at the Toronto Comicon on March 20-22nd. Come out and pick up the Legion books, signed and everything!

Almost forgot, I am featured (via EARTH MAN) on Literary Selfies! Go check out all the other independent authors on their site!


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