Earth Man – Now Available

EARTH MAN is the first of three books focusing on the battle between Earth’s chosen protector, Danny Boyle, and the alien race known as The Growth.

In order to protect itself from an alien scourge, the planet Earth chooses a good-hearted Canadian to infuse with great power. Danny Boyle finds himself gifted with superhuman abilities and suddenly his simple life in Kelowna, British Columbia is turned upside down. Three monsters no bigger than a flea descend to Earth, burrowing into the flesh of the living creatures of the planet and changing them into the perfect hosts. Their hunger has taken the Growth across the stars and they have left a thousand dead worlds in their wake. Mankind has no idea that evil now walks among them and Danny must quickly learn to decipher the strange clues the animals and the trees are sending him. With the power of Earth’s animals at his command, Danny must find the hero inside of him before everything he knows and everyone he loves is lost.

They have consumed a thousand worlds. The Earth is next. As the planet’s chosen champion, Danny Boyle must learn how to use his power to mimic the abilities of animals to stop an alien species that can consume and mutate flesh.

Available now from Amazon for the Kindle and other devices.


SPIRA Sneak Peek

The night was warm and damp, the moon nothing more than a crescent in the sky. Although spring was just starting the heat was beginning to rise in the Trenches. Teela flashed her crystal-light into the darkness, searching for an end to the chasm. Nestled behind an old launderettes, Teela and the half-goblin Grondell were hidden from view by the drying clothes hung across a dozen lines. She could hear the crowds moving up and down the steps, the swishing of water from inside the building, and  she hoped that no one would would take an interest in their little alley.

“You see Miss Teela? Dark as forever and just as deep.” Grondell the half-goblin said as he shifted nervously from one bare foot to the next. The squat, green half-breed constantly looked over his shoulder, occasionally peeking out from behind the damp blankets to make sure they were not discovered. It was forbidden to tamper with the stone column which the wealthy city of Spira rested upon and doing so could bring the culprit a death sentence. The golden city overhead allowed the poor to build their homes and businesses on the steps that lead down to the Bay of Raygar, but they could not carve, cut, or alter in any way the stone support that the city rested upon. The geomancers who guarded the stone had the authority of the King and were not afraid to use it. The cliff-side city had stood for fifty thousand summers and was the center of commerce for all of North Borealis. The rich and powerful were afraid that the poor would tunnel it out from underneath their feet and so it was forbidden to alter the stone in any way.

Teela turned off the light and slipped it into her belt. She fished her fingers into a small pouch on her hip and pulled out a small bronze coin which Grondell caught, nodding his head and bowing fervently as he bit it with his gnarled teeth. He had no idea why he bit the metal coin. It was just something he had seem humans do in the market. Satisfied with it he placed it into a dirty pouch that hung from the rope tied around his waist.

“Thank you very much, thank you!” He said. Half-goblins were one of the most reviled half-breed species in North Borealis and they tended to be overly polite and subservient to compensate for the hatred they faced.

Teela had found Grondell while searching the pillar. He had been washing one of his offspring in a pool of water that had gathered behind the tent he lived in, down near the bottom of the steps. She had not believed him when he’d told her of the crack, but there it was.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” Grondell asked.

Teela unclipped her breastplate and let it drop to the ground softly.

“You can have my armour if you wish; it will only be a burden.” Teela said.

She handed Grondell her ankle guards and he snatched them up, a wide grin spreading across his long face.

“Oh what a blessed day!” Grondell hiss quietly. His eyes glistened with greed and his long nose twitched like a rat. He snatched up the breastplate and used it to collect the other pieces as Teela took them off, piling them in his arms.

Teela Wayland was six foot tall with muscles as hard as steel. She was slim, but defined, and was even stronger than she appeared. Spira was where she had been born, but her skill and strength came from years of hard combat. Teela was a mercenary, a sword for hire and a good one. Until the rise of King Augustus De Pelentas there had been no shortage of work for the sellsword. Her blade had drank its fill of blood and although she had only seen twenty-one summers, she was ready to retire from the merchanary life.

The crevice was six feet high and no more than a foot wide and the crack in the stone was exactly what she had been hoping to find.

Teela stood in the alley in her leather boots and britches, with a white cotton top that clung to her sweaty skin. The night was humid and damp but the stone of Spira felt cold to her touch.

Grondell was barely visible under the pile of battered old armour in his arms.

“My children will grow fat thanks to your divine kindness, Miss Teela. Thank you! Thank you!” Grondell leaned forward to bow and almost lost the armful of metal. Teela held her finger to her lips to silence him.

“It is not a gift. It is a payment, in exchange for your silence. Tell no one else of this spot.”

“Why of course! Grondell has none to tell.” He said softly.

High atop the stone column, miles above their heads, sat the glistening city of Spira, capital of the three kingdoms. Elves from the East had built the castle overlooking the water long ago in antiquity. To transport material from the Bay far below, the Elves had employed giants. Over time the giants had built a staircase almost as big as the castle itself, which curved down on either side. The stone beneath the castle proper- the pillar upon which the castle rested- was where the ancient tales said the Elven treasure was buried.

There were geomancers, employed by the Council of Magic, whose sole purpose was to keep the pillar beneath Spira intact. Were they to discover the crack, they would quickly seal it. If Teela was inside, she would likely never make it out again or worse, she would be crushed to death when the fissure closed. She did not fear death but she would prefer to die with steel in her hand. However, she was experienced enough to know no wealth came without an equal measure of risk. Growing up in the Trenches, Teela had heard all the stories of Spira’s hidden secrets. The stories varied from the ludicrous (a giant slept within the stone), to the mundane (nothing more than rats and spiders). Yet every single myth shared one common element; every story spoke of riches beyond counting. Teela was not one to put much stock in tales told by drunken men, but on the road north back to Spira, she had met an Elf who had his own stories to tell. He was old, the oldest person Teela had ever met, older than many of the towns and villages of North Borealis.

“The stories are true.” He had said. “The Elven people never left Spira.”

It was believed that the human race, led by King Speoni, had driven the Elves out of the castle, back into the sea, back to the eastern realm known as the Wildlands. The old Elf was desperate to return to the Wildlands so that he could be laid to rest in the land where he was born.

“Oh it is true that many Elves escaped thanks to the superior speed and craftsmanship of our ships. But not all. Many remained, forced into hiding in the caverns below Spira.”

She shined the light into the crevice again, just to be certain nothing was hiding inside. Vagrants often slept in the cracks and she did not want be surprised in such a close space by a desperate, homeless creature.  Teela had been exploring cracks and caves along the sea cliff since the day she learned to walk, but this one was different. This one went deeper than anything she had discovered before.  Teela knew that something was hidden beneath Spira, she could feel it in her bones. The legends of lost riches were true and if she could find even a portion of that mythical wealth, she could leave the mercenary life behind her. Perhaps she might even bear children, she thought half-heartedly.

She took a deep breath through her nose, let it out slowly, than stepped her left foot into the crack.

“Good luck! I hope you make it back!” Grondell whispered.

“If I do, you’ll be richly rewarded.” Teela said as she slipped into the crevice.

“Then I wish you double the luck I wished you before!”

Grondell watched until the human woman disappear into the darkness. Then he slipped out between the hanging sheets, arms full of armour, down toward his home in the slums built along the Bay of Raygar. He hoped that Teela would return, but he doubted it. Grondell would never understand why humans were so willing to crawl into their own graves. He squeezed the armour tight with his scrawny arms, on constant alert for danger. In the city built on the stairs of giants, one had be on constant alert for thieves and murderers.


Update for Summer 2016

I know I haven’t been posting much, I think my last post, which was a repost, was two months ago. I took some time away from writing to read again and try to improve my craft. Working my way through the third Game of Thrones book, Storm of Swords, as research for my first fantasy novel which is currently named SPIRA. I have a wordpress site for this book at .
I was very disappointed in myself for releasing London Undead with so many typos. I’ve corrected almost half the book so far, but it takes me way, way, too long to edit my own work. Remember to download the latest version if you have the e-book. I will be giving away free copies once the editing is done, so keep an eye on this space for the next promo, if you don’t have the book already.

At least one new Legion book is coming this year. It is called “FUTURESCIENCEKILL” and will feature a Jamaican American Minute Man trapped in the Future Science Plaza with a group of superhuman zombies. The Legion themselves will not be the main characters of this book, but they will certainly make an appearance. For those who don’t know what a Minute  Man is, here is a pic of one of them (Art by Freddie Williams):

The Minute Men

After FUTURESCIENCEKILL I am going to be working on a larger arc for the Legion called SATYRS. I’ve always been a huge fan of Alan Moore’s Watchmen and I’ve been planning this re-examination of the work for some time. Essentially it will be a crossover between the Legion and the Watchmen, with names changed so DC doesn’t sue me (although they’d have to read the book first I guess.)

At some point I will get back to BREATHE and EMPEROR, but I expect those books to be projects to finish in 2017.

I want to thank everyone who is still reading this blog, more good things are coming, just be patient!

Have you Read WHITE ZOMBIE Yet?


The Race War is over. The zombies have won.

A flu-like virus ravages the Earth killing everyone within 24 hours. Only the black race seems immune. This blessing soon becomes a curse as the rest of Earth’s population rises as flesh-hungry zombies. Contains 11 scary short stories by various authors.



The Greatest is Now With Allah

Some people have a hard time understanding why I had so many black role models, like Mohammed Ali. It’s actually quite simple really; I was always an outsider. I was the ‘other kid’, the white kid that didn’t have the same interests, or religion, or interest in sports. My family never really had the money or the interest in keeping up with our neighbors and I always felt like people didn’t like me around them or their children. That feeling of alienation was something that black people lived with every day of their lives and their struggle to be accepted for who they were was something I could identify with a lot more than I did white culture in the 80’s. Everything I liked as a kid, stuff that people take for granted today, was considered ‘fringe’ and ‘weird’.
Mohammed Ali, Bruce Lee, Malcolm X, these were people I looked up to because they were NOT afraid of white people. Through their eyes, I could see the flaws in my own culture and was able to avoid feeling the way society wanted me to feel for not fitting in. I knew, because of men like them, that I was not the one with the problem, that I was not a kid that needed to be fixed, it was the system that needed to be fixed. Thanks to them, I am a wolf, not a sheep, and there is NO way you can ever say thank you for something like that. That is why I support black culture and why black lives matter to me; because their heroes were my heroes too.



What’s Been Going On. .

I’ve been rather quiet lately, with minimal posts and no mention of any new books on the way. That is because I decided to let 2016 be a year where I relearn my craft. I am not as good as I want to be, either at writing or editing, and I felt it was time to step back and take a look at what it is I am doing. To be a writer, you have to write, so don’t worry the books are still moving along, just at a slower pace. It is just as important for a writer to actually READ books and this is what I’ve decided to do; to get back to reading stories that I enjoy, that will inspire me, that will show me other ways of telling stories so that I don’t get held back by my flaws. I want to improve the quality of work and in order to do that I need to read books by great authors. I’ve been reading the Game of Thrones series by George RR Martin, as well as the mind-boggling RAMA books by Arthur C. Clarke (and Gentry Lee).

Sometimes you just have to take a break from your own passions so that the fires can cool a little. You never let the flame go out, but you turn down the heat a bit to let it simmer. I want to get better and reading books by people who are truly gifted at the craft is a sure way to do that.

I am currently working on SPIRA as well as a few shorter books. Right now I can’t seem to find the inspiration to do another Legion book, which I apologize for. Just not sure what I have to say as far as superhero stuff goes.
LONDON UNDEAD has been polished up a bit, there is still half the book to go, but be sure you download the latest version and update your edition on your digital devices so you can have the newest edition without some of those glaring mistakes.

Thank you everyone for all the support and hopefully I will have something good for you next year. In the meantime, I will try to keep the blog interesting with more frequent posts.

Bond. . . Vampire Bond.


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In a world where vampires are real and the forces of the supernatural are as deadly as any terrorist organization, only a vampire secret agent can protect mankind from the creatures of the night.

One of the world’s deadliest vampires, a man known only as “The Number,” has been a prime target of MI:13 for years. If Bond can wipe out his bankroll, The Number will likely be “retired” by his masters, a mysterious organization known only as GHOST. But what if the cards won’t cooperate? After a brutal night at the gaming tables, Bond soon finds himself dodging would-be assassins, fighting off brutal torturers, and going all-in to save the life of his beautiful human counterpart, Vesper Lynd.

In this 21st century mash-up of Britain’s greatest secret agent, you are introduced to a whole new world of shadowy espionage, blood-drinking spies and ancient, unspeakable evil.


Vampires VS Zombies!


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A gypsy curse has spread across Transylvania, killing the population and turning them into hungry, walking corpses. Fleeing to London, Dracula soon discovers the curse has followed him. A misfit group of survivors, taken from various Victorian Era novels, must find a way out of a zombie-infested London.

Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies face off in a deadly battle to for the living.

London Undead features the cast of Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and his evil alter-ego Mr. Hyde, The Phantom of the Opera and Christine, as well as other surprises.

With a bloody ending that is sure to shock and surprise you, LONDON UNDEAD is a violent romp through a blood-soaked London, featuring the greatest monsters of the era.


Updates and Artwork


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New projects for 2016.


Emperor is currently running through INKSHARES. You can read the first two chapters here:

The last survivors of Earth live aboard a massive spaceship. Lead by Emperor Der Verge, the last of the human race travels across the multiverse, taking what they need from the alien worlds they encounter. Now they have returned to Earth to hear the stories of the last days but a new threat awaits them, one that even their mighty Emperor may not be able to conquer.




On the planet Oshario, one female human hybrid takes a stand to free her planet from the grip of the Dynasty, a religious organization dedicated to spreading the glory of the human race. As the first successful human/Osharian hybrid, Lilli is incredibly valuable to the Dynasty and they will stop at nothing to retrieve her.


Also, I’ve already uploaded the corrected LONDON UNDEAD, Chapter 1 & 2. If you want to update your Kindle you should have that available now. It might take a while to get through all the chapters and fix them but when I do I will be doing another free book giveaway.

All the artwork above was done by BICIO. More to come.



My Apologies For London Undead


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I’ve been giving away copies of London Undead all week and I finally got a print copy for myself. I was horrified to discover numerous typos on the first page. I was certain I did a thorough job but apparently I did not.
So I apologize for the mistakes and I am working to fix them now. A new updated version of the book will be updated to Kindle, so if you have a digital copy be sure to update to get the new version. If the typos ruined the experience of the book for you, send me an e-mail with a receipt that you paid for the book and I will refund it for you, or I can mail you a pdf of this book when it is corrected or any of my other books.
In my rush to release the book on Halloween, it was not up to the standards I have set for myself. I apologize to everyone who has the book for letting LU be released in this state.
The first wave of corrections were uploaded today. Hopefully this won’t take too long and the print version should NOT have the errors. I’m sure something will still slip through but I am committed to doing the best job I can editing this book.
Thanks to everyone for the support, I am sorry  I let you guys down.



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