Welcome to my new blog posts on Heroclix! Let’s get right to it!

Every time a new Meta piece comes out you can tell how tough/cheap it is going to be by how fast the price skyrockets. Some figures stay expensive even after they are retired because they are a good character with good stats. Then there are others that just get wildly inflated. Lockjaw is the most recent Meta piece to tear up the scene. Lockjaw is currently selling for around $200. Whoooeee!


I had a Lockjaw years ago, the first one Wizkids ever released and he was a nice figure. He was one of the first wave of transporter figures on a peanut base. I’ve always liked Lockjaw, a sympathetic character like the Thing with a cool mustache. Of course Nu-Marvel has retconned him to be a dog because they suck but to me he’ll always be the one Inhuman who drew the short straw. This guy is not a transporter, as far as I can recall, I played against him last week and don’t remember him carrying anyone but I might be wrong. It seems Lockjaw has a collar made of Infinity Stones, which gives him a ton of different abilities he can use. From what I have seen, people are going to be using him as Mastermind fodder to replace the HaHaHa Joker. I am not a huge fan of characters that don’t want to die, but he’s here now so we’re going to have to deal with him. The only real problem I have with him is his 10 attack and 2 damage. Not all that much, but with the Outwit click, he can do a bit of damage. I guess it is the gauntlet and stones, because when I think of Lockjaw I don’t think of him attacking. Except that one time he held onto Cap’s shield to stop the Avengers and Inhumans from fighting. . . but he really doesn’t hurt people.

As for the sculpt, pretty cool, but all the Lockjaw’s have been well done. This one though, appears to be only half an Inhuman. . . .this guy is definitely a winner and you’ll probably see him turn up on more than one winning team. Special thanks to Jay Solomon for fielding this puppy last week at our game!

Thanks for checking out my first installment of Heroclix: League of Losers!