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So I am planning on starting the first non-AL campaign at our local game shop.
I am planning on running CoS, but as a homebrew campaign called The Rise of Count Orlok.
The basis of the campaign is this: A rival vampire Count Orlok, lord of a land known as Wisborg, is challenging Strahd’s domain. The players will be forced/hired by Strahd to invade his enemies lands and defeat his seven Lords of Sin.
The first four game sessions will feature in this order:
-Suits of the Mists: AL adventure, in Faerun
-Night of the Walking Dead, AD&D Ravenloft adventure, set in Marais d’Tarascon, a swamp town in Wisborg.
-Banquet of the Damned by Benoit de Bernardy, set it Womford, another town in Wisborg, the Lord of Gluttony resides here.
The players will then be able to cross over to Barovia through a group known as The Carnival, an old Ravenloft supplement. The carnival will take them to Old Svalich Road. That should begin their journey to Ravenloft. . .