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The Other DM




“Save Us, Tinkerbell!”


There seems to be a lot of posts about bad DM’s, but I wanted to post about a good one.
Our DM Martin has done a great job of running SKT and last night helped us avoid a TPK.

After killing Duke Zalto, we were trying to get the slaves out before the rest of the fire giants discovered what was going on. Unfortunately our tank Druid and our Cleric weren’t able to make it this week leaving only four of us ( a new guy joined us).
Unfortunately we just weren’t fast enough. The lack of a rest between sessions and the large amount of damage fire giants inflict left my fighter battered and unconscious not once but twice. Our brave Ranger refused to leave me behind, which made it impossible for him to escape. Our rogue bravely distracted the giants but he too went down.

The DM at this point basically paused the game and worked with us to figure out a means of escape. He could have just hunted us down with the combined might of the giants and killed us all.What he said to us was
“I don’t want to see the party killed, if you have the resources to escape, I’d rather help you use them.”

He did not “fudge” the dice rolls or create a plot contrivance to allow us to escape. He simply gave us time and a few ideas that might make it possible for us to get out alive.
In the end the new player saved our skin, since he had been a prisoner of the Duke’s he had all his spell slots. He cast Darkness, which we hid in until we could get our wounded up. I cast Pass without Trace, making it difficult for the giants to locate us within the small area of darkness.

How did we make it out of there? A minor illusion from our Eldritch Knight, followed by a bag of pixie dust. That’s right, we hid in the dark, covered each other in pixie dust and flew out of the forge of the fire giants. Thanks to our DM for giving us the time and breathing room to come up with a plan to save our skin.

I will never make fun of Tinkerbell again.


Until next time, may the dice be ever in your favor.