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With this announcement, my comic career officially comes to an end. Congratulations to everyone who was accepted, except for that asshole from True Blood. 😉

I want to say thank you for Top Cow for giving me the opportunity to get published as well as their letter of support. Top Cow allowed me to pitch to them and kept the dream alive a little longer. They are the best in the business and you are missing out if you are not following their work.

Goodbye comics, it was as fun as a long airplane flight to nowhere, but they say all life is a learning experience and perhaps this was a lesson in humility.

You can check out the two comics I published myself on AMAZON or check out Top Cow for the Talent Search winning issue of the Artifacts I wrote.

Thanks to those who have been supportive over the last decade; Laz Novak, David Bovey, Anthony Hary, and all the others who wanted to see great things from me but never got to. I am sorry if I let you guys down. You guys know better than anyone how much I loved the format, but no door ever opened up for me.

A special thanks to the guys in the comic industry who supported me, even though I can be a disruptive pain in the ass. Thank you, Matt Hawkins, Jim Zub and Mike Baron. You guys were always inspirational and I will continue to enjoy and support your work both in and out of comics.

People will often say a group that they belong to is like “a family”. If that is true, I was always the bastard son of comics. It was not the family I was looking for, nor was I the child they wanted. I may seem a bit melancholy right now, it will take a few months to lift this chip off my shoulder and move forward, but I will. There is always something new waiting around the corner.