I know I haven’t been posting much, I think my last post, which was a repost, was two months ago. I took some time away from writing to read again and try to improve my craft. Working my way through the third Game of Thrones book, Storm of Swords, as research for my first fantasy novel which is currently named SPIRA. I have a wordpress site for this book at spiraletters.wordpress.com .
I was very disappointed in myself for releasing London Undead with so many typos. I’ve corrected almost half the book so far, but it takes me way, way, too long to edit my own work. Remember to download the latest version if you have the e-book. I will be giving away free copies once the editing is done, so keep an eye on this space for the next promo, if you don’t have the book already.

At least one new Legion book is coming this year. It is called “FUTURESCIENCEKILL” and will feature a Jamaican American Minute Man trapped in the Future Science Plaza with a group of superhuman zombies. The Legion themselves will not be the main characters of this book, but they will certainly make an appearance. For those who don’t know what a Minute  Man is, here is a pic of one of them (Art by Freddie Williams):

The Minute Men

After FUTURESCIENCEKILL I am going to be working on a larger arc for the Legion called SATYRS. I’ve always been a huge fan of Alan Moore’s Watchmen and I’ve been planning this re-examination of the work for some time. Essentially it will be a crossover between the Legion and the Watchmen, with names changed so DC doesn’t sue me (although they’d have to read the book first I guess.)

At some point I will get back to BREATHE and EMPEROR, but I expect those books to be projects to finish in 2017.

I want to thank everyone who is still reading this blog, more good things are coming, just be patient!