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New projects for 2016.


Emperor is currently running through INKSHARES. You can read the first two chapters here:

The last survivors of Earth live aboard a massive spaceship. Lead by Emperor Der Verge, the last of the human race travels across the multiverse, taking what they need from the alien worlds they encounter. Now they have returned to Earth to hear the stories of the last days but a new threat awaits them, one that even their mighty Emperor may not be able to conquer.




On the planet Oshario, one female human hybrid takes a stand to free her planet from the grip of the Dynasty, a religious organization dedicated to spreading the glory of the human race. As the first successful human/Osharian hybrid, Lilli is incredibly valuable to the Dynasty and they will stop at nothing to retrieve her.


Also, I’ve already uploaded the corrected LONDON UNDEAD, Chapter 1 & 2. If you want to update your Kindle you should have that available now. It might take a while to get through all the chapters and fix them but when I do I will be doing another free book giveaway.

All the artwork above was done by BICIO. More to come.