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From Monday March 14th until Friday March 18th, the week of March Break, I will be giving away some digital books. The following titles will be free the entire week:

The Corrupter: 

The future.

From the first moment Oberon O’baron laid eyes on the robot, he was in love. With just a glance the petite artificial girl set his heart aflame, sending him into an obsessive frenzy. As the old-fashioned Englishman struggles with his new found passion, he is led into a world of political agendas, futuristic vice and sexual frustration. Oberon is obsessive, cowardly, self-loathing and weak but his mind is sharp and his dedication unwavering. All the pleasures he had denied himself, all that he had missed out on could be reclaimed. All he needs is HER.

The Corrupter is a science fiction tale of obsession, set in a world where everyone is watched and nothing is private.


London Undead: 

If you liked League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or fantasy mash-ups like Once Upon A Time or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, then you’ll definitely want to read this horrific romp featuring some of London’s greatest monsters!

A gypsy curse has spread across Transylvania, killing the population and turning them into hungry, walking corpses. Fleeing to London, Dracula soon discovers the curse has followed him. A misfit group of survivors, taken from various Victorian Era novels, must find a way to survive a zombie-infested London.

Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies face off in a deadly battle for the living.

London Undead features the cast of Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and his evil alter-ego Mr. Hyde, The Phantom of the Opera and Christine, as well as other surprises.

With a bloody ending that is sure to shock and surprise you, LONDON UNDEAD is a violent romp through a blood-soaked London, featuring the greatest monsters of the era.


I was actually planning on offering MORE books for free, but Amazon would not let me put any more books up for that week. So I hope you guys enjoy these two and keep an eye out for more freebies!