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To celebrate the birth of a new boy, I am giving away the first book I wrote for my children! As we welcome our third son, we are offering you this book to read to your children as well.

From January 29th to January 31st, the final weekend of the month, THE CAT PRINCE OF PUMPKINLAND will be available for free for the Kindle!


The Cat Prince is a fully illustrated children’s story about a young boy who travels with a brave warrior cat to free his home from the clutches of evil.


Remember, it is FREE this coming weekend only! CLICK the cover below to go directly to the Amazon site!


Come along with a boy named Kai into the strange country known as Pumpkinland! The evil Shadow Queen has stolen the throne and only Kai, the Cat Prince and his loyal companion Mr. Tipps can stop her before all of Pumpkinland is lost!

NOTE TO BUYERS: The pages of this book are displayed side by side, horizontally on screen, so for maximum reading experience you will need a wide screen or tablet. Not recommended for phones.