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There are tons of zombie stories out there. Most of them create a lame back story and dive right into the killing and slaughter. I decided if I was going to do my own version, it had to be done differently. Using the retroviruses and genetic differences between the racial groups on Earth, I had a basis for an idea.

It is important to tell stories that have cultural relevance, that touch upon issues of the day and explore themes we may not be comfortable talking about. Such as race issues.

I also wanted to create a story that would be driven by characters of African heritage, where the black guy doesn’t die first but instead dies last.

The Pitch:

Almost two hundred thousand years ago, Homo Sapiens fought a war against the Homo Helmei for the coastal passages out of Africa. Although modern man won, the deadly virus that had infected the Homo Helmei infected the early migrants. The disease lay dormant in their DNA until the year 2012. Every descendant of those migrants, from India to China to the United States has been infected. All will die.

The only survivors are the children of the Africans who did not migrate, whose DNA did not contain the virus. There is no test, no method of determining who will live and who will die to rise again as the living dead. If you are dark skinned, there is hope.

If not, you have 24 hours to live.


As a way to promote the book I will be publishing a novel anthology of short stories. Any interested writers should contact me with their ideas.

Submissions Due Date: September 14th, 2012.

Conditions: The story is set in the modern day. There are many different diseases which are more likely to occur in certain racial groups. In this case, the African American community, those who are descended from the first species of Man, are the only people not carrying the “zombie”gene which is activated by an unknown toxin in the environment.

Twenty-four hours after becoming sick, the person would die. The symptoms were flu-like.

All stories will have to meet editorial guidelines. You will own all rights to your story, it will not be reprinted without your permission. All contributors to the anthology will be given the opportunity to appear in the comic book once an artist has been found for that series.

The stories can be about any racial group, anywhere in the world. Just remember, if they aren’t black, they will be dead.

Compensation: Free copy of the book, which should be available digitally and in print through Amazon.

Send inquiries to: ravenheisenberg AT gmail.com


The Champ by Richard Evans: An old MMA fighter gets one more shot at the title when the other contenders all fall sick. He can change his whole life, all he has to do is beat the Champion.

City of Shadows by J.L Petty: Two brothers race through the streets of Tokyo to find a cure before one of them succumbs to the virus.

The Minority by Kevin Hopson: Corporate Exec’s forced to make hard choices now face the wrath of their African employees.

Cure For The Heart by Marcus E.T:  In the middle of the outbreak a good man is stuck in a terrible place between his sick wife and his racist father.

Penance by John L. Thompson: An uncle and nephew are looking at spending a long time barricaded in an apartment complex safe from the zombie horde outside but have a new visitor requesting help in his final hours…a white supremacist.

Chopper by Richard Evans: A “slow” giant living above a garage is forced to change into someone better when everyone else around him starts to turn into something worse.