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My last anthology book, WHITE ZOMBIE, was a unique take on the zombie genre that challenged writers to contemplate racial and social issues.

This time, we’re going to challenge gender issues and expectations and give the world a new group of exciting, female, space adventurers!

Who is Gale Allen?

Gale Allen was a Venusian princess, the direct descendant of King Rogert who was the first human to land on Venus. Gale went on to become an agent of the Universal Space Patrol, and traveled throughout the galaxy fighting injustice. She held the rank of captain (though she was sometimes seen with a sergeant’s insignia on shoulder) and she commanded a team called the Girl Squadron (or more formally, The 40th Women’s Space Battalion), entirely comprised of female pilots and soldiers. Gale’s headquarters was in Vanam, the canalled capital of Venus.

Allen’s primary nemesis in her early career was Prince Blaga Daru, a tyrant who nearly conquered the Earth and wanted Gale for his mate. During the battle against Daru, Allen was made the top commander of the US Air Force. Her early adventures were supposed to take place around 1990, and her later adventures took place in the early 21st century (roughly 50-60 years in the future).

Gale was a skilled pilot and fighter who carried a ray gun on her hip.

Planet Comics was a science fiction comic book title produced by Fiction House and ran for 73 issues from January 1940 to Winter 1953. Like many of Fiction House’s early comics titles, Planet Comics was a spinoff of a pulp magazine, in this case Planet Stories, which featured space operatic tales of muscular, heroic space adventurers who were quick with their “ray pistols” and always running into gorgeous females who needed rescuing from bug-eyed space aliens or fiendish interstellar bad guys.

Gale appeared in almost every issue between #4 and #42. Written by Douglas McKee, Gale and her Girl Squadron were illustrated by Bob Powell in issues #4-10 and Fran Deitrick/Hopper in #28-40. In or around issue #34, the squadron were dropped.

The Anthology


A series of short stories focusing on Gale, her Galaxy Squadron, and/or anyone from her mythology. The focus is on stories starring a female lead, or focusing on a female character and her over-the-top, space-faring adventures. Allen’s primary nemesis in her early career was Prince Blaga Daru, a tyrant who nearly conquered the Earth and wanted Gale for his mate.

Gale is now the leader of the US Space Force, overseeing her forces from an orbiting space station. Dozens of women pilots (and men) serve under her, helping protect our solar system from alien threats.

Here is what I am looking for:

Space stories featuring women.

Writers can be of any gender, being a woman is not a requirement, however I would love to showcase up and coming female authors in this anthology if at all possible.

I am not in a position to pay for the work, so it would be a fully collaborative venture. All proceeds would be donated to a women’s charity that will be chosen by the authors who contributed to the book.

Deadline: July 1st, 2016.

I would be overjoyed if a female editor would be interested in guiding this ship and handling the editing duties while I do the book cover and design.