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The more I get into the new WWE, the more I see how shitty comics really are.

Wrestling and comics have always been two things I’ve loved since I was a little child. The dramatic, weekly adventures of colorful heroes and villains, whether on paper or in the ring, have always captured my imagination and inspired me. The two industries used to be a lot alike, even right down to the carnivalesque promoters.

The difference, it seems, is that while wrestling continues to grow and expand into different markets, comics remain as stagnant as ever.

There are many different reasons for this, but the main one is this:
Comics have never put fans first. Ever. There is an arrogance at the two major publishers that they know what is best for their product. They have shown that they obviously do not. Ego comes before business and that is never good.

Look at Wrestlemania 30. The company gave the fans what they wanted, even though it wasn`t their idea to push Daniel Bryan to the top. No one at the WWE believed Bryan was star material. They pushed him anyway, because the FANS wanted it. They wanted Batista to be champ, he had the GOTG movie coming up and would have been able to promote their company through the summer. The fans had no interest in a guy who hadn`t worked in years coming in and taking over.

Marvel and DC consistently ignore their fans in favor of their own plans. They truly believe they know better than anyone else how to handle their properties, even though the numbers show they don’t.

There should be a major Marvel/DC crossover every year, launching at San Diego Comicon. Every year. Nobody wants crossovers. Nobody wants reboots and relaunches.

Can you imagine what would happen if they relaunched new wrestlers under the names of old wrestlers? Would anyone support a new Macho Man or Ultimate Warrior? Hell no.

Wrestling promoters have to balance a fine line between the new and the old. Although there have been some shameful wrestling promos over the years, the industry learns from these mistakes and moves on, while the comic industry seems destined to consistently repeat them.

It’s too bad. The new WWE universe is better than ever before. I’m glad to have come back, but I am even more glad they have a superior product worth coming back for.

If only I could say the same thing about comics.