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March 20-22 I will be at the Toronto Comicon at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre! Table P21b at the back wall, Artist’s Alley!

I will have copies of the Legion books with me, Book 1: Magic to Book 3: Broken Arrows as well as some Fan Expo exclusive copies left of The Corrupter.


For those who can’t make it to Toronto for the convention, I will also be giving away these digital books for free from Friday to Sunday at midnight:

The Cat Prince of Pumpkinland: A children’s book about a boy who follows a cat into another world.

The Proletarian Saga: The collected story of the Proletarian from the first four Legion books. Get caught up, for free!

The Legion Book 4: Finale in Red

The Legion Book 3: Broken Arrows

Click on any of the titles to be taken to my Amazon page and starting TOMORROW morning, you can grab any of the free books you want! Since I am giving away so many free, please tell your friends to grab a copy, or consider buying one of the other titles?

Thank you guys for all the support, this blog was the best decision I ever made on social media and I hope you all continue to support me in 2015 and onward!