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I don’t want to get involved in any debates about what is or is not acceptable for female superheroes to wear. All the women in my comics wear normal, fashionable clothing, the men wear the spandex most of the time.

Erik Larsen quit social media because of the firestorm he started with his views and although I don’t want to defend his comments, I didn’t read them before he quit social media, I do want to say that he was one of the only comic creators and the only guy at Image who bothered to look at my comics and give me some advice on them. Regardless of what he said, he is not a bad guy, not in the way people like Mark Millar or Brian Wood are.

So I am going to post a few images and you compare them and then you can tell me your views on costumes, based on real life examples of athletes. What is an acceptable outfit for a female superhero?

Here we go:

Hammer Throw:


Fake Wrestling:

Real Wrestling:

Track and Field:





Speed Skating: