A story ten years in the making is finally completed. From here on in, the books will focus more on one particular plot and won’t have as many side plots as the first four books did.

The first Legion story I ever came up with was MAGIC, featuring the Yenaldlooshi. This book was written as a homage to Alpha Flight, who also faced an ancient, Native American threat in their first appearance.


The second issue was meant to build the world around the Legion. With the characters introduced in the first comic, I was free to bring in some villains. The Proletarian and Octobriana were inspired by the first male and female superheroes in comics: Superman and Wonder Woman.  In fact, they were inspired by the Red Son versions of those characters.

My goal was to give readers something familiar, something they knew from other comics and use those archtypes to build the Legion. The new heroes I was creating were going to face the golden age heroes that comic fans knew and loved. I felt that it was going to be hard enough to get readers to support a new cast of heroes, adding totally original villains may have been too much for people to absorb at once. Comic fans love the familiar, they love homages, and with the Canadian Legion I tried to use the myths of the industry to build new gods. Unfortunately I never found a publisher for the series and after ten years of struggling I finally laid the comics to rest and began the novels.

So by the time the books started, I was already tired of this story line, which is why it is spread out over four books instead of one. I’d come up with so many more interesting ideas since the day I first created the team and I feel like I’ve finally unburdened myself of the failure of the comic and the story that took so long to tell. Now I can finally take the team in a new direction, I can tell the stories I wanted to tell but never would have been able to produce as a comicbook.

So read the stunning conclusion of the Proletarian saga and stay tuned for all new adventures from the world’s newest superhero team, the Canadian Legion!