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“Heisenberg’s script is a sparse one. About halfway through the issue, I had a real “Ah, so that’s what you’re doing” moment. There is absolutely no dialogue from the characters in Jackie’s story. Well of course there isn’t – they’re a bunch of cavemen. Instead, what the reader gets is a very low number of captions – Jackie’s narration along with Hope and Jenny’s commentary – and it is a clever move from Heisenberg. You can go for pages without ever reading a word.”


“It is a straightforward story of loss and revenge, crafted remarkably well by writer Raven Heisenberg. Heisenberg has a sparse style, with the script being very light on dialogue. This is, of course, a caveman story, so the lack of language makes perfect sense. He does manage to inject a surprising amount of humor into the tale, both in Estacado’s narration and in the rare direct interactions between Jackie and Hope, as well as Jackie and Jenny Romano. Their interplay is endearing, and their playfulness bookends this decidedly dark tale with a light feeling that makes it go down sweetly. – See more at: http://capelesscrusader.org/advance-review-artifacts-39-t…/…