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I’ve been busy writing and not keeping up with the blog here, so I wanted to give a fun, quick, post on my favorites of 2014. Since I watch a lot of movies and television, most of my picks will be from that field.

MOVIES of 2014

Best Science Fiction Movie: Snowpiercer

Runner-Up: Edge of Tomorrow

Someone else said it best when they said Edge of Tomorrow was Groundhog Day with aliens. It was such a smart, fun, film, with Cruise in full crazy Cruise mode. But I had to give it to Snowpiercer because of it was such a unique film. Both films had a fantastic cast and you should definitely watch them both. I know the artsy crowd will go with Interstellar, but for sheer fun and insanity, these two films are the best of the year.

Best Film: The Lego Movie

Runner-Up: Guardians of the Galaxy

Oh sure, Guardians was a blockbuster, a juggernaut of a film, but would audiences have been in the mood for the zany adventures of those space heroes if not for the warm-up good will created by the Lego Movie? Lego set the tone for the entire year, it gave everyone a positive buzz and reinvigorated our love for movies. Everything about Emmett and his crazy friends was positive and upbeat and if it wasn’t for that, we might have been too cynical for a talking tree. Lego told us everything is awesome from February to June, everything was.

Best Music Release: Prince, ART OFFICIAL AGE

Come on, Prince is back! With a familiar sound and modern production, Prince’s new albums were everything we expected them to be. Prince is still cooler than every cat out there.


Tini Howard’s work was a breath of fresh air and while we both were published for the first time by Top Cow, I have to give her a shout out for her story, since I can’t choose myself. I am hoping to read more work from her in the future. She’s just an all around good person, who I hope finds herself a nice corner of the comicbook universe. Because I think the industry needs more female voices, I’m really bored of Gail Simone writing every woman character in comics. 😉

Best Horror Movie: The Cargo

Runner-up: ABE

Technically The Cargo is not a movie and it did not come out in 2014.

However, Horror and Fantasy are two genres that I don’t keep “up to date” with. I will go back and re-read old horror and fantasy and I rarely pay attention to what is “new” or “hot” in those genres.

Cargo is a short zombie film about a guy who wakes up in a car, a zombie strapped into the seat next to him. I can’t really tell you more than that because it is such a powerful little scene that has to be seen. Come on, you can spare ten minutes.

ABE is also a short film, but I think it is technically a sci-fi short. I am putting it under horror anyway, because it is scary as hell.

I also want to give a special shout out to Keith Clarke, a good man I’ve known since childhood and the amazing short film he was a part of called UMBREOLA. Warning, it is very creepy.

Best Book: Season of the Harvest

Again, a genre I don’t keep up with. You’d think I would, given my occupation, but I don’t really think the NY Times Bestseller list is worth keeping track of. Books, like comics, is a fad driven industry. Often bad books are #1 because they are popular,  quality rarely plays a part in what is “hot” that year. My wife didn’t like Gone Girl, for example, but it will certainly be on a few lists. I don’t get the whole “Saga” thing, either. So the best I can do is pick the best book I read this year. Season of the Harvest is the best indy author offering I’ve read this year. Not a huge fan of the way it ended, but I can’t fault the guy for wanting to lay the ground work for a sequel.


Best Television Series: ARROW

It’s been a good year for television and if I had made this list last month, HANNIBAL would have gotten the top spot. But the mid-season finale on Arrow was an emotional beast. For three seasons they have made one of DC’s most uninteresting characters into one of television’s best.  Kudos to Stephen Amell and the whole Arrow team! Can’t wait for Slade Wilson’s return!

Well there you have it!
I wish I could give you guys more info on books and authors, I certainly met a lot of great ones this year, but unfortunately I spent most of 2014 writing books and not much time keeping track of who or what was new. I hope you enjoyed the list, don’t forget the free Legion book coming soon and happy holidays to all! See you on the other side of Christmas!