From December 24th through December 26th, The Legion: Broken Arrows will be free for the Kindle through If you already have the first two books, than you can get the next installment for free. If not, now would be a good time to get caught up!

I’ve also been giving a lot of thought to what to do with the White Zombie property. The first book was an anthology of short stories based around the theme of black survivors and a world full of zombies. Up until now I was just planning on writing a normal novel about the event but then I realized that I had a better solution right in front of me. 

I am going to serialize WHITE ZOMBIE the same way that I’ve done with the Legion. Each book will contain a self-contained story but also plot elements for larger arcs. This way I can explore the entire world, the dead, the surviving, and the dying. Some books will take place during the outbreak, others at points in the future. I’m excited by the concept and looking forward to getting some blood flowing into the zombies again.

LONDON UNDEAD is coming along well. I should be into the third arc soon and I hope to have it available at least before spring. I am trying, anyway.

Happy Holidays everyone!