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So those of you who bought the Legion books might be wondering who ANA Comics are and what the relationship is. ANA is run by a good friend of mine named Anthony Hary who is working tirelessly to break into mainstream comics. When I quit comics, I gave over the rights to the Legion to him to use as he sees fit. He has a small publishing imprint with various different creators working on different things, including a book I co-wrote with him and his wife called The Midnight Raider. His wife was a contributor to White Zombie. I am not sure what he has planned, but I trust him with my Canadian heroes.

The reason I mention it is because I might be working on some of our other collaborations as novels. We’ve created a few heroes and stories that were planned for comics, but might work better as a short novel. We’ll see.


I’ll be discussing some ideas with him throughout the end of the year and then we’ll see what we can come up with for 2015. In the meantime, check out their webpage. They have a lot of interesting books, including a charity book for animals and school children called ARTISTS FOR ANIMALS. Or check out our first collaboration, The Midnight Raider.