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Recently I noticed a very disturbing trend in modern fiction; the use of certain words to describe women.

In GOTG, one of my favorite films, Drax refers to Gamorra as a whore. In Supernatural, if I am remembering this correctly, a woman character was referred to as a “hench wench”.

Trust me I am not a supporter of our “Offended Generation” and I certainly don’t agree with our aggressive Political Correctness, but I find these words to be played out and offensive. Why can’t they just call her an asshole like everyone else?

This got me thinking as to what more I can do to promote better treatment of women in art and media. So I’ve instituted a zero tolerance policy for my work and my life, removing any and all male influences that might promote negative ideas about women. Using these words isn’t a big deal, especially in the context of film and television, but the words made me realize just how many famous men are able to victimize women and get away with it. Not just with words, but with deeds as well.

So what I am pledging to do is deny the existence of these men, in both my work and my life. Any man who has abused or assaulted women will not be mentioned in any of my books. I don’t care how positive a message they might have said to the public, if they treated women badly in their private life, they will not get any more fame from me.

I am writing them out of the universes that I create. In the worlds where my stories take place and on my blog and Facebook page, these men will not exist.

They are all charming, well spoken men, who have successfully hidden their flaws behind a winning smile and great speeches. I’ve finally seen through the facade and I don’t want keep feeding them. My two boys will never look up to any of these men.

Jian Gomeshi does not exist. He will not leave a legacy behind, he doesn’t deserve it.

Bill Cosby does not exist. His shows should not be in circulation anymore, his name stricken from any lists that might praise his accomplishments.

Gandhi was notoriously misogynist and his views have influenced an entire country. A country that has been in the media almost every week for one violent rape or another. The Western world should forget about him.

Bill Clinton has a history of sexual assault and used his power and influence as President to gain sexual favors. A man with a well documented history of violence against women held the highest office in the country. His name should be taken down, his legacy forgotten.

Sean Penn broke into Madonna’s house, tied her up and beat the shit out of her. He should never be allowed to act in Hollywood again.

The list of men in power with a history of violence against women goes on and on. .

Mel Gibson hasn’t been welcome in Hollywood for a long time, and rightly so.

But what about Tom Sizemore, Christian Slater, Tito Ortiz, etc? The list goes on and on. . from Chris Brown to Jose Canseco. What about Mike Tyson, Eminem, Michael Fassbender, and Sean Connery?

Are these men you want your children to watch and idolize?

If social media is going to go after some of them, why not go after all of them?

This is the time for men to clean house and say “You guys are chumps, we won’t give you another dollar, go find a job in a gas station somewhere.”

Once a man gains power and wealth and uses that wealth and power to harm women, they don’t deserve to have that fame and fortune any longer.

Artie Lange decided to go on Twitter the other day and harass and assault a CNN news reporter who happens to be a woman. This guy isn’t attractive or funny, why the hell are we giving him an audience? Why is anyone listening to his crap? Does the world really need a not-so-funny, borderline suicidal comedian? Is there a shortage of overweight men in comedy?

I tried doing a Google search to fine pro-female male role models. There are some good ones, who can easily fill the void left by the losers.

Good men are out there, men like Will Smith, Ian Somerhalder, Patrick Stewart, Joss Whedon, Blair Underwood, Donald McPherson, Aziz Ansari and hopefully many more.

I have my issues with modern feminists. I don’t like the aggression and shaming tactics that are used in cases where they aren’t warranted. I’m not trying to be an ally. I just want the bad men to know one thing:

You’re finished dude. It’s over, you fucked up. You’re done.Time to start over, somewhere else. Anywhere else but here. Maybe starting over from the bottom will give these men a new perspective.

Fame is not an entitlement, it is a gift from the public to the popular. Those who abuse this gift should have it taken away.

I wouldn’t want these men in my life as friends, I’m certainly not going to help shine a spotlight on them any more.

I haven’t even gotten to the men who have been accused but never charged. . .

Mike Tyson should have disappeared 30 years ago. Now is not too late, we have the tools and the technology. We have the voice and the power. Let’s clean house. It’s not too late.