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My daughter, Colleen, purchased Earthman at Toronto Comicon and had you sign it

Just finished reading it and want more!!   Wonderful concept of a living universe and multiverse defending itself.

This is one book I will re-read!  It has left me with the same excitement and anticipation I got from Herbert families Dune, Niven’s known universe and EE Smith’s Lenseman

The characters are much more realistic and easier to identify with

I’ll browsing Internet for sequels next week after my back surgery

Well done!  And thank you!!

This guy is getting free Earth Man books for life! In fact I am naming a character in the sequel after him!


I wanted to let you know i loved your book the corrupter 🙂 I had a hard time putting it down when i knew i had to get some sleep or had to work lol.
Hopefully I get to meet you again.
Thank you,
I can’t tell you how happy I was to receive a letter regarding The Corrupter. It’s a book about a creepy perv who is obsessed with a robot and like LOLITA, the classic that inspired it, it is not to everyone’s taste. My wife is reading it right now and I am dreading it. BUT this fan made my week!