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In a world where the strange is becoming commonplace, a group of heroes from Canada are the lone defenders of a planet under constant attack from a multiverse of threats.

In Book 1, the team comes together to face an ancient Yenaldlooshi that has murdered its descendants in Native communities across Canada. When it learns that the President of the United States is coming to Canada, it decides it is time to find a new body. It will wear the skin of the most powerful man in the world, or it will die trying.


In book 2, the Proletarian appears. A invincible solar-powered clone from an alternate dimension, the Proletarian has just one dream: The reconstruction of the Cold War era Soviet Union. And there is no one powerful enough to stop him.

Meanwhile, in Detroit the Black Flag and Snowfall face off against a spoiled rich kid in a mobile death suit.



Book 3: The Canadian Legion sneaks into the New Soviet Union in order to free a prisoner from the Gulag in Sochi. Flag is force to make tough decisions while undercover in the prison, Snowfall is haunted by strange memories and one of the heroes won’t make it out alive.