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What do you do when you have pages of unused artwork from comics that will never see print? Make a trading card game! What else? Tomorrow I begin putting together a starter deck for a trading card game I am making called SUPERHUMAN!

In SUPERHUMAN! you are chosen to become a hero or villain! Start as one of six regular humans: A police officer, a gangster, doctor, college student, lawyer, genius, or a terrorist. Armed with a series of EVOLUTION cards, turn your hero into a SUPERHUMAN and defeat your enemy!

Perhaps the college student will learn COMBAT SKILLS and learn to attack from the shadows. Perhaps your genius intellect allows you to CLONE yourself. Continue evolving, or create other SUPERHUMANS in your HQ. Force your opponent to surrender, or when your opponent runs out of cards, you win!

Each set will have a hero card, an established SUPERHUMAN who cannot evolve but who has great power. In the first set that character is none other than THE BLACK TERROR. Perhaps you can find the SIDEKICK card and make an unstoppable team, or perhaps your SIDEKICK can support one of your evolved heroes! The choice is yours.

In the starter there are four methods to evolve your characters with; Science, Magic, Combat and Cosmic. Giving the right character the right “energy” can give you the advantage you need. But there are also DESTINY cards to watch out for, that can alter the evolution of your SUPERHUMAN!

If that’s not enough, there are powerful items that can take your SUPERHUMAN to the next level. A terrorist wielding the hammer of Thor, protected by a force field? Anything is possible!

Once the cards are done, I’ll be doing some play testing, trying to figure out how it feels to play. Hopefully finding a printer won’t be too difficult. All in all, the set will feature sixty cards, enough for two players to start.

My goal is if I can get the game off the ground, to add in superheroes/villains from other comic creators in special sets. Each character will have attack and defense stats like Magic, but with the “energy” system of Pokemon TCG. There will be no life or damage markers, instead the hero card must be removed from play or they will heal and start the next round with full life (also like Magic).

And don’t worry, the Legion book will be out Friday. 😉