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I’ve been itching to write some Kindle Worlds stories from the day they announced the project but being in Canada means I am not (yet) eligible.

I am looking for a publisher that works with Kindle Worlds authors and may be interested in stories about : Shadowman, The Vampire Diaries and/or GI Joe. I want to write character specific stories; focusing mainly on one character from those famous franchises and getting to know them a little better.

Of course Amazon doesn’t allow anyone to become a publishing house for their Kindle Worlds licensed stories, so there are no real publishers to partner with. So I am stuck in limbo, waiting until they go global for my opportunity to write stories about Damon Salvatore and Snake Eyes.

Anyone have any ideas? News on Kindle Worlds?

UPDATE: So I found out all I need is U.S. bank account for any profits off the books. Getting paid is stopping me from writing. . . . who can you trust with a bank account??