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The Corrupter is now available through Smashwords. It took some time to get that book formatted right for their server. Price is the same as Amazon, $3.00.

I am going to try and finish the Legion Book 3 in time for Halloween. Fingers crossed over here!

I’ve also started writing SPIRA, my first fantasy novel, which is quite exciting. It’s always fun to start a whole new series, especially when it is in a new genre. I never understood authors who only write one genre, even Stephen King, who dominates in horror, still tries his hand at sci-fi and straight fiction sometimes. There is a blog featuring some extras and short tales about SPIRA and the larger world it occupies.


It involves a missing royal family, two feuding empires, a terrible secret and a hero who is master of stone magic and a heroine who wants desperately to find a mythical treasure.

Magic will be a major factor in the book, more than in the Game of Thrones TV series but less than a typical Dragonlance book. Most of my knowledge of magic comes from D&D and Palladium games, so magic will have very clear rules, even if they aren’t explained right away. Magic takes energy, personal energy that everyone has but that magic users adapt to specific ways. All magic requires fuel, but how and where that fuel comes from depends on the skills and backgrounds of the caster.  For some, it is stones, for others, it is their soul or ‘chi’. . . .