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I am completely unmotivated to make comics. I apologize Claudia Balboni,Rob Doria and Anthony Hary. I was really excited when Artifacts came out that I could take a shot at making comics but I simply don’t have the confidence anymore in the industry or my luck.

To those wondering why, when all three artists are fantastic creators, here is why: I can’t afford to pay them a page rate and I don’t have the confidence in my ability to come up with a pitch that publishers will like. I am certain that I could make great stories, but no one is going to cover the cost and I cannot do it myself. I no longer have it in me to wrangle and seduce such high caliber artists when I no that even if the submission gets made, it might never get published.

I just can’t take seeing another batch of artwork rotting in a digital cell somewhere. I’ve got too many past submissions that are mocking me to want to waste the time of the artists anymore. Even if we did get picked up, what are the chances of making money? Slim to none. Sure, we might break even and if there was extra money, that would go to the artist, or the art team or letterers or someone else other than me.

I just don’t have the energy to shovel coal into the creative furnace just to stay in the same place or move an couple inches forward. I don’t have enough faith in my abilities or the industry to expect an artist to shovel the coal to move my train that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. . .

Sorry guys, the best I can do is keep promoting your work and I hope you can find a collaborator with deep pockets and high hopes!

Even IF we were to get the five page submission package ready, I’d still have to write the pitch itself and then who would I send it to? Most comic publishers aren’t taking submissions and those that are, aren’t offering any money or aren’t big enough to have a budget that can even promote the book. Getting noticed and breaking even isn’t good enough anymore and in all honesty what affect will producing another comic have? I’ve got two issues of the Legion plus the Artifacts book from Top Cow and no one has contacted me about working for them. If all my novels don’t impress the comic publishers, why even bother? So I can write X-Men? So I can maybe get a book out that can piggyback on Kirkman’s Image books and get lost on the shelf with the Marvel/DC creators?

It’s just not a healthy industry for newcomers and I just don’t have it in me to waste the time anymore on a girl who doesn’t like me when the books are treating me so well. . . .