I’ve been in more than my share of arguments regarding government policies and how they affect minorities; whether they are gay, straight, black or Asian. There are more lawsuits than ever before and people get caught up in the lynch mob mentality, targeting any business or company that impeaches on the so-called “rights” of certain groups. I am all for equality for all people, anything else really doesn’t make sense, but I am not a supporter of government dictated equality. Let me explain why, in the best way I know how; in a story.

There are two men, Saul the white man and John, the black man. Saul owns John up until the moment where it becomes illegal to own slaves. Now Saul has a whole in his business that needs to be filled and John finds himself a free man.

John becomes thirsty and heads for the nearest well. Saul sees him and blocks his path. “This is my well, find your own!” Saul says.

Here, John’s life splits into two different paths, one on Earth A and one on Earth D.

On Earth A, John heads to the municipal government to complain. Water is a necessity and access to clean water is a right that the United States firmly supports. On his way, he meets a few other travelers, all with the same experience. The government is moved by their pleas and decides that water is a right and that those who have should share with those who have not.

On Earth A, John is escorted by armed guards to the well where he drinks, a smile on his face. The people with wells no longer want to live in a place where they can be forced to share, so they move away to an area that they think offers more protection from forced equality.

On Earth D, thirsty John returns to his small portion of land. He realizes that with a little hard work, he can dig his own well. He enlists his brother and several other neighbors who had been turned away from Saul’s well and they make a brand new well. Not wanting to be the same kind of man as Saul, John lets anyone who is thirsty drink from it.  John’s brother takes his newly acquired skills at digging wells across the state, digging wells  for other black communities.

Now on Earth A, the black community only has old, abandoned wells that they were given by the government when the white community moved.

On Earth D, all black communities have nice, new wells.

We’ve been living on Earth A for fifty or sixty years but Earth D is where we should be.

Now, people will say that Saul should be punished, I mean why should he be allowed to discriminate against who uses his well? Because he built the fucking thing, that’s why.  And if John decides he doesn’t want certain types of people drinking from his well, guess what? That’s his choice too.

Of course some bleeding hearts are going to say “Well if everyone discriminates, there will be people dying of thirst!” Sure, the ones who can’t dig a hole. Everyone else will learn how to dig a well. Everyone will have the skills needed to survive.

Fifty years later on Earth D, Saul’s out of business because the black people with their own wells don’t do business with him. On Earth A, the government is trying to figure out how to force Saul AND John’s children to share their wells with Andy, the gay man who has sued them both. . . .

So ask yourself, do you want to live in a world where people overcome bigotry and discrimination through hard work and learned skills that generate a strong economic base to counter such discrimination?  Or do you want to live in a world where the government enforces multiculturalism to the point where people comply but deny their own racism and/or homophobia?

I prefer to see Nazis wearing their swastikas, not forced to hide them in their homes. Then I can clearly tell who the enemy is.