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“Well Raven, it’s easy to be critical, to sit upon the chamber door and point out our flaws, but what can be done about it?”

It’s true, it is easy to judge. How can we increase sales in comics? Well every publisher is different. However, there is no good reason for Marvel to be selling only 55,000 copies of Avengers. Here’s how you improve that.

Rocket  Raccoon books should be available through Scholastic book orders for young grades, not in comic shops. Get those types of characters into schools. Set up a GROOT GROWS program that helps plant trees in poor inner city  neighborhoods. Show those kids the value of reading and working with nature. Start a contest in various American schools offering them a chance to write a Marvel comic. Get the kids talking about the characters and award the winner an issue of their own. Most writers in comics have no experience other than reading comics anyway, let the kids have a go at it, it can’t hurt.

Take some of the huge profits from the films, produce a million copies of the comics based off those films and give them away for FREE. Let people know they exist outside of the comic stores, some of which are no better than an old backroom speakeasy.

Synchronize your comics with the films and television shows. Make sure they feed into each other. The world doesn’t want Moon Knight or another variation of a book on mutants. Have one consistent system across the board and use it.

Stop being afraid of black people and women. Don’t just throw them a bone, give them an opportunity to raise up others in their community. Let a black editor run a line of black characters and let him hire who he believes is best for the job, regardless of color. Give Gail Simone the same position over a batch of female superheroes, see who she can bring in to raise interest and reach that market. What is the worst that can happen? You’ve consistently hired certain writers whose books are always cancelled and you’ve made some massive mistakes in the past, so what can you lose by doing this? If Gail Simone has an audience, than feed it! Give her the ingredients and let her have control of the kitchen, to hire the cooks and waiters she KNOWS the industry needs. I’m not even a fan of her work, but I know if you want to make money, its with the people that people love. It’s really that simple.

The comic industry isn’t like the publishing industry. The editors don’t have years of credentials and education, they are just guys that happened to be in the office when they needed someone to oversee the books.Tom Brevoort is a nice guy, he’s very helpful and truly loves his job. But he has no real world experience. He’s never worked anywhere but Marvel. Replacing him with two new, exciting, editors would not be a bad thing. Sacrifices have to be made in the name of progress and I’d rather the changes start at the top and work their way down rather than the other way around.

Marvel finally published a SHIELD comic and did they hire a world renowned writer, one with a history of writing subtle, conspiracy books? Someone who understands the dark corners of the world of espionage and has given the world numerous such stories over the years? No. They go with Mark Waid, their TV show guy. Sure, he’s decent enough, but the idea of reading any more comics from him just makes me want to have a nap. . .

It’s that simple. It really is.