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I am planning on getting LONDON UNDEAD out for Halloween but it might not be possible. I am at that point in the middle of the story where I know where it is going, but not how long it will take to get there.

So to cover the bases and get a new book out for the Fall/Winter, I will release the next Legion book. I have been working under the title Nightmares for this book but that is not the official title, the real title will come and publication so as to avoid spoiling the plot.

For those who have been reading the series, the Proletarian has secured Russia and rebuilt a new Soviet empire. Now the Legion must sneak into the new USSR and retrieve a scientist who just might have the knowledge they need to defeat the clone with the power of nuclear fire in his veins. In order to get him, the Black Flag must go undercover and into the Gulag. . .

My first published comic comes out tomorrow. Artifacts #39 by Top Cow/Image.

I will be signing and meeting fans at Silver Snail tomorrow afternoon, with another signing at the Comic Book Lounge later that evening, on September 17th. I will have copies of the Fan Expo printing of The Corrupter with me if anyone wants one!

Thanks for all the support guys!