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He watched his father accidentally shoot his mother when he thought she was an intruder in their house.

He grew up wealthy in the most corrupt city in the world.

He provides Monstros City with security that it can afford.

He runs a political campaign to bring safety to the streets, dedicated to apprehending Dark Nemesis.

He is also Dark Nemesis.

And only a clown can bring him down.

DarkNemesis (2)


Dark Nemesis is a project I am working on with Anthony Hary. Essentially Dark Nemesis is a reversed version of the Batman myth. In this case the clown and the circus represent the heroes struggle while the rich, wealthy, deadly costumed vigilante is in fact a terrorist and murderer. This isn’t just “Batman gone bad”, this is Batman corrupted from the beginning. I am reposting this in celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary.