JLA: League of One

Nymphs, Goblins and Dragons, Oh My? But wait, isn’t this a DC graphic novel??

When I still lived at home, but had outgrown toys, I would often ask my parents for expensive graphic novels for Christmas, the ones I’d never buy myself but would look beautiful in my collection. This was how I got Arkham Asylum. Another one of these Christmas treasures was JLA: A League of One.

The Oracle at Delphi has seen the end of the JLA at the hands of an ancient dragon who has finally woken up since the Middle Ages. Wonder Woman believes the prophesy and is determined to make sure the rest of the League does not face the dragon. If whoever faces the dragon must die, than Wonder Woman will face the threat alone.

This is the Justice League we’re talking about though, a family that fights together against all odds. Eventually Wonder Woman sees the error of her ways and the League stands as one. Christopher Moeller is one of the greatest artists to ever work for DC Comics and this fully painted hardcover graphic novel is a beauty. Really though, I am a sucker for any book where one hero has to take out their teammates. Always had a weak spot for those issues.
Check out more of Chris’s work here: http://www.moellerillustrations.com/portfolio