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Perhaps one of the greatest comics. . .  OF ALL TIME!

The worst part of this comic is the “Star Warriors” blurb across the top, but you can guess why they did that back in the day.

Two legends unite. And they fight. And it is ugly. But not what you expect. The Star Warriors have come to conquer Earth but they are willing to give us a chance; our greatest champion against their greatest champion. Superman would be the obvious choice, but Superman isn’t from Earth! So the world’s greatest pugilist is more than ready to step into the ring against the alien bums who want to enslave mankind.

I am not going to give away too much more. These Greatest Comics posts are books you should be buying and if you don’t own this already, go get it now. It was re-released to celebrate the anniversary and I know there are a few places to read it for free online. You don’t want to miss the greatest fight in comics history.