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I’ve always been interested in science. As I mentioned earlier in the first GCE post, I am not posting the critically acclaimed, big seller comics that everyone has heard of. I am posting my favorite comics, the ones that subtly influenced the way I write today. Which brings us back to science, X-Men style. Uncanny X-Men 177.

First, you’ve got this amazing cover. Even with little blood and no actual violence, the body language tells you everything about these characters. No, Wolverine did not just happen to walk by while Kitty Pryde was overdosing on mollies. It’s pretty clear something dangerous is going on here.

This issue isn’t really about the X-Men, it is about the formation of the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants under the guidance of the shape-shifting Mystique. Is there a term for an alpha dog lesbian? Claremont wrote most of the issue from her perspective as well, giving you a lot of insight very quickly into the life and mind of a villain who would slowly grow in popularity up to this very year, culminating in a major role in the latest X-Men film, Days of Future Past.

Even though its only a training session, you can see this lady is not reforming Magneto’s Brotherhood. These are deadly players and the X-Men are in real danger. When the Brotherhood makes their move, it is Colossus who pays the price. Which is where the science comes in:

What happens when you heat metal to high temperatures than freeze it quickly with liquid nitrogen? Well, you get a bad day for the X-Men, that’s what you get. I learned more science from Marvel comics in the 80’s than I did in school.