I have a dirty secret. I was a funny animal lover. I collected Captain Carrot (who will appear in a later installment), the original Ninja Turtles series, even Space Beaver. In fact I used to color Space Beaver pages with crayons. The only problem was, Marvel never had any funny animals.  Not until 1982, when a strange little raccoon named Rocket appeared in the pages of the Incredible Hulk. This little guy is going to be the hottest raccoon ever, he’s already got a Lego and toy line coming, but even more will be flooding into stores once the movie Guardians of the Galaxy hits, but to many of us, for a long time, his story was a small little gem from a bygone era.

I regret that I didn’t keep this series and its going to be tough to ever find those old issues, but if you ever see the original limited series, pick it up.