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Another Legion book should be coming out shortly. In the last book, the Proletarian fired the first shots in his war to rebuild the Soviet Union. Now, the Legion is taking their first steps to counter him, including a deadly mission into Russia itself, to rescue a Canadian scientist and vigilante from the Sochi Gulag.

I am also trying to get a book done for Halloween called LONDON UNDEAD. It’s a horror novel featuring the characters from Victorian England, in the vein of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or Penny Dreadful.

Dracula has failed to prevent the spread of a deadly plague in his homeland and is forced to flee to London. His plan was to find some fresh blood to add to his army of vampires but instead the zombie virus follows him to London, where it quickly spreads throughout the city thanks to a maniac known as Renfield. It is full of Victorian characters but it is really an excuse to have vampires, werewolves and zombies in the same book.

I’ll have more on that soon. For now, The Legion is scheduled for August, London Undead for October. Wish me luck!

EDIT: I almost forgot! RED HOT is being worked on now as a comic, and I have another comic strip parody of those old Charles Atlas ads coming soon as well! So some serious heroes, some scary stuff and some funny stuff coming soon!