Superman. Batman. Vampires. Art Adams!

I used to love Art Adams so much when I was a kid, his characters just have a youthful energy that works really well when you are young. I remember buying it because it had John Byrne’s name on it, but it turns out he didn’t really draw anything in this issue. Instead, he was the writer of what was a great issue and now that I realize Byrne wrote it, you can see his signature all over it. (Byrne has a thing for young girls.)

This was based off the relaunch of Superman, which was done by Byrne. You’ll see some of those issues in a later blog post on the Greatest Comics. What I loved about this issue was how dangerous it was; a mysterious town with strange murders, people disappearing and heroes who were outmatched by a vampire menace that always seemed to be one step ahead of them. It was hero, with a superhero slant and it was dark, scary and exciting at the same time. Vampire versions of characters were rare but not unheard of during the 80’s and I kept expecting someone to get turned throughout this whole issue. Definitely worth checking out.