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Is that unless you’ve come from the bottom and made something of yourself from nothing, your advice is always going to be suspect due to your privilege. That’s not a word I like to throw around, but in this case, it is suitable. I can give warnings, but I don’t give advice. Because I know being a white male, even a poor starving artist one, gives me a different set of tools to play with.

It’s why advice from upper middle class white guys makes me furious; how can you, with your college degree and family money to invest, give advise to people on “breaking in” when they have none of the tools or opportunities that were available to you? Want to know how to spot a recipient of white privilege? They will always tell you to be polite and considerate to others, to play nice and be polite. Of course, that worked for them, because they weren’t too skinny, or too fat, or too poor, or too colored to be turned away, so they shook hands with their white male brethren and were accepted into the party.

Let Tupac say it for me: If you know in this hotel room they have food every day and I knock on the door. Every day they open tha door to let me see tha party, let me see that they throwin’ salami, throwin’ food around telling me there’s no food. Every day. I’m standing outside tryin to sing my way in- “We are weak, please let us in. We’re week, please let us in.” After about a week tha song is gonna change to, “We’re hungry, we need some food.” After two, three weeks it’s like “Give me some of tha food! I’m breakin down tha door.” After a year it’s like, “I’m pickin’ the lock, comin’ through the door blastin.” It’s like, “I’m hungry.”

The only advice I can give is stay hungry. And beware of motherfuckers who tell you to play nice, it means they’ve already got their dinner waiting for them.