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So I have ONE idea, ONE more pitch for a comic series I’d like to submit to Image (somehow).

Problem is, I need a female artist on the book. It is essential to the development of the property. I need a partner though, who can work from the proceeds of the book, not an upfront page rate.

Any suggestions? Please refer your artist friends, its hard for women to break into comics and I know getting paid would be a better offer, but this is the best I can do! We wouldn’t need many pages, just a few and if the book was picked out the artist could negotiate a deal that is satisfactory. First though, I need to fine one!


Rebecca Redmont was cursed. Not only was she over six feet tall, but she weighed almost three hundred pounds. No matter what she did, she could not lose the weight. Every moment of her life was calculated to the calorie; not to lose weight, but to simply break even.

During a botched bank robbery, Rebecca’s bravery in the face of the armed robbers catches the eye of a man known as X Bendix. X makes her an offer:

A body for a body.

In exchange for the body she’s always dreamed of, she only has to do one thing. Kill another human being. 

She’ll never be skinny, but she will be deadly.


The short series is a cross between DOLL HOUSE and The Biggest Loser. It explores our cultural fixation on weight and violence. It’s Cinderella meets La Femme Nikita. It’s a series about what we think we are, what we think we want and what kind of person we really are. What would you kill for? I think the comic industry NEEDS a book like this.

What do you think?