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I have a habit of creating properties; high concept ideas, interesting cast of characters and a basic plot to push it forward. Often these properties (some call them ideas) will change, or stagnate, only to come back later. What I end up with is file folders with ideas in various stages of development; some books have a single chapter written, others have mock-up covers, others are just notes on a document file. The Red Spider, for example, has cover art that needs to be colored and the final chapter of the book written. White Zombie was originally planned as a comicbook anthology and it became a novel anthology and will return as a novel in itself. This is another one of those concepts. 99















A psychologist and a federal agent travel around the globe hoping to find and destroy the ninety nine vampires sleeping within their coffins before they are awakened. Everyone is against them and no one is to be trusted and even one vampire could kill thousands of people if awakened. The future of mankind is at stake; time to start digging.