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For those who have been reading the Legion novels, here is a post on the Minute Men.

The Minute Men are very similar to SHIELD, except these guys actually carry shields. While their government clearance is high and they outrank many other public and government departments, they are still a part of Homeland Security which means their boss must answer to the Director of HS.  They also do not have any jurisdiction outside of the U.S., although the Canadian government has made it easy for them to get clearance to operate here. A similar agreement is being made with Mexico. The center bar of their uniform is always a different color to mark their rank.

In Book 1 we met one of their agents, in book 2 there were more as well as a brief glimpse of their leader the King of Clocks. Stay tuned! The Minute Men

This art was done by Freddie Williams, at DC Comics. Still trying to figure out a way to use it after all these years.