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SYNergy is a planned, one day event at the Back Lot, located inside the Comic Book Lounge and Gallery in Toronto. The current date is Saturday, October 25th.

I want to find six other people from within the art, literature and film communities to come and sell their wares or simply promote their stuff. The table space is only $50 and snacks will be provided.

I have two weeks to put a deposit down on the space, so please let me know if you live in the Toronto area and might be interested. The Comic Lounge is in a good location and they have a great community, if you’ve never attended large conventions or events before this might be a good place to start. I also want to put a space for musicians and buskers to come in and play or perform, sort of like a circus.

My mental illness often makes it difficult for me to attend events, things like Fan Expo are very stressful and you often find yourself either rejected or under pressure to sell to make up for the cost. It is also difficult sometimes to network, because people who meet you on your good days may not want to socialize or understand when you are having a bad day. When there are two people living in your head, it is often easier for people to avoid you all together than to have to work with whatever one of those people show up that day. SYNergy is meant to be a small get together for people like me, or just normal well adjusted people who don’t know where to promote their work or want to meet other creative types in Toronto.

I’m looking for anyone who makes anything themselves; whether it is aboriginal art, robots made from lighters, paintings, t-shirts, books, etc.

There has to be more freaks out there like me, right?