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Anthony Irons is a billionaire Goth with a fetish for heavy metal. Literally. Tired of living in his father’s image, he builds a sophisticated suit of armor to crush his old man and anyone else that gets in his way.

Meanwhile, the United States government discovers that there was something hidden within the missile taken from the time displaced Soviet soldiers, something alive and more powerful than anything this universe has ever seen. (See Book 1)

The Black Flag and Snowfall head to Detroit to stop Anthony and his rock and rolling murder weapon. The Canadian Legion are forced to defend themselves from the secret Soviet weapon that has crossed over from another dimension with only one objective: To build a new Soviet Empire.  It doesn’t matter which Earth they are on, the mission of the Red Guard continues.

The Legion is split and their targets are powerful enough to level a city all by themselves. To make matters worse, something is wrong with Snowfall. Winter is almost over and the heat has already started for our heroes.

Beginning the “RED OCTOBER” event in the Legion series.

\coming APRIL 1st