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After ten years in comics, I am still shocked to hear of people getting scammed. I often wonder how this happens, I mean you can clearly tell the artists style, right? But the truth is, not everyone can. Not everyone has years of experience reading comics, studying art and not everyone knows who the big names in the industry are. Because of this, scam artists are ripping off companies looking to hire artists by posing as those artists and offering something they have no intention of giving. I’m tired of it.

So if you are a publisher or creator or art department looking to hire a penciller, illustrator or artist and you don’t know if you can find someone reliable and trustworthy, send me an e-mail. My commission is 1% of the amount being paid to the artist. That way, no one can get scammed because I will verify the identity and the quality of the work being offered. Losing even small amounts can greatly harm a little publisher or an Indy creator. It’s time to put an end to these scam artists once and for all.


BTW I don’t personally have any interest in doing this, I just don’t like to hear about publishers and writers losing money to scam artists pretending they are someone else, using someone else’s hard work to create a false identity and then taking their money.

Read about the situations and scams here: