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Imagine a world where the BBC decided to allow Canada, not Britain, to produce the first Doctor Who show. Here are my choices for the Doctors from Canada.

1st Doctor: Fifi D’Orsay

Fifi was a pioneer of early Canadian cinema and may be the sexiest Canadian actress who ever lived. She’d have been the right age, but also had the right audience and erotic appeal to launch a Canadian based Doctor Who series.

2nd Doctor: Joseph Wiseman

Yes, the famous Dr. No would need to step in and replace Fifi. His link to the Bond franchise would only strengthen the appeal of the show.

3rd Doctor: Donald Sutherland

He’s Donald Motherfuckin’ Sutherland. He needs no explanation. Rather than UNIT, we’d have a special division of the Mounties. . .

4th Doctor: Dan Aykroyd

With his SNL success to push the show forward, Dan would step into the shoes of the most famous Doctor of all. He’d even have a nice scarf.

5th Doctor: Matt Frewer

If you ever saw him in ST:TNG you know what a quirky, weird character actor Matt Frewer is. He’s played everything from Max Headroom to Moloch in the Watchmen.

6th Doctor: Leslie Neilsen

Three comedians in a row would give the show a goofy feeling that fans of the 3rd doctor would rail against and the decline of the show would begin. . . Still, it was a fun ride.

7th Doctor: Martin Short

A comedy actor, playing a more serious, laid back version of himself. Comedy fans complain he isn’t funny enough, while the older fans think he is TOO funny. The end is near for Canadian Doctor Who. . .

8th Doctor: Paul Gross

In order to appeal to the American market, BBC-Canada launches a movie in a partnership with FOX. One of Canada’s best looking, most talented actors steps into the role but even he cannot save it from the terrible acting of Eric Roberts. Paul continues to be the doctor though for many years to come. . .

9th Doctor: Joshua Jackson

With a new team in place, Doctor Who is reborn, this time with Joshua Jackson taking on the role in a darker, but more interesting variation of the classic series. Unfortunately Jackson leaves after one season to work on Fringe. . . which is cancelled after two seasons.

10th Doctor: Keifer Sutherland

Hot off the first season, the producers push for the top actor they can find to fill in the role and find the son of a previous doctor willing to step in and take the reins. Keifer’s run becomes the highest rated seasons of Doctor Who in the shows history.

11th Doctor: Cory Monteith

Going in a different direction, the producers choose a younger actor with a strong female fanbase and while it seems odd at first, the new Doctor becomes a legend in his time.

12th Doctor: Christopher Plummer

Fans were demanding him for decades and when a new show runner took over, there was no one else he wanted to play the Doctor other than the legendary Christopher Plummer.

The War Doctor: William Shatner

When Joshua Jackson refused to return for the Anniversary, the producers reached out to the most famous Canadian science fiction actor of all time.

There you have it, my fantasy Canadian Doctor Who cast!