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Of course, it is also a fantastic play, but I don’t know theater well enough to claim it is the greatest thing on stage. I can say for certain that it is certainly one of the greatest films of all time. That’s right, I fight, I listen to rap, I smoke weed and I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

There is a freedom to the film that you just don’t see in movies anymore. If they tried to do this movie today, the internet would tear it apart. Straight people would be offended, transsexuals would be offended, every actor would be torn apart and dissected and no studio would ever have the courage to produce it. It’s sexual and quirky and weird and we’re even LESS tolerant of that today than we were back then. Oh sure, we celebrate gay “culture” once a year all over the world but we are just as prudish and mainstream as we’ve always been. Being freaky and exploring a fetish should not be dumped at the feet of the gay community as their domain and their responsibility. All the freakish freedom displayed in the Rocky Horror Picture Show is still not mainstream, its just been merged with the GLBT community. We are still not a sexually curious or experimental society, if we were, we wouldn’t need to label people as gay or straight in the first place.

I’ve also always loved the fact that the movie had no agenda other than itself; it is a picture show, not a preaching pulpit and there is never any attempt made except through song and dance to educate the audience about sexuality and freedom. The characters speak only for themselves and every song and dance is only to further develop that character and tell their story; they are not selling you their agenda.

They say you should know your audience, I am often told to write for a specific group; men or women, gay or straight, human or alien, whatever. By choosing a segment of the population you can more easily build your audience and make them happy, which in return means more money for you. But I have no interest in writing for a specific market or group. If there is a group I right for, it is the Transvestites from Transsexual, Transylvania, the freaks who refuse to be labelled and pigeonholed. I write for police men who secretly wish they were hookers, for construction workers who collect birds, women who fight in MMA matches, gay people who have no interest in coming out and have built a secret little nest in the closest that brings them comfort.

I’ve always loved the fact that the movie fits no real genre. Is it horror or science fiction? Is it a musical or a parody or both? Somewhere is a depressed advertiser who was supposed to promote this movie who has never recovered.

You see the magic of the RHPS is NOT so much sexual freedom or even the fetish lifestyle, it is the message of “BE YOURSELF”. It is okay to be Brad, it is okay to be Janet, and it is certainly okay to be Frank N Furter. (On a side note, want to bet his middle name is Nancy?)

Gender/Genre confusion, freedom and sexuality and laser guns and sci-fi homage. What’s not to love?

“Don’t dream it, be it.” No greater words were ever written.