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Today on Amazon the Kindle edition of The Legion: Magic, the first chapter of an ongoing superhero novel series, is only 95 cents!


Canada’s greatest heroes have been reborn in a brand new, pulp-style novel series!

As gifted men and women begin appearing around the world, Canada becomes the first country to form a team of super-humans dedicated to protecting the lives and freedoms of all humanity. But heroes cannot exist without villains and as the heroes gather together, great evil also begins to rise; not only from ancient realms but inside the hearts of men and women. It will take a Legion to keep the whole world Strong and Free.

The four government approved members of the Legion come face to face with a Yenaldlooshi, an ancient shape-shifter who seeks to replace the President of the United States. Standing with them are two vagabond heroes, The Black Flag and Snowfall, who have been pursuing the murderous skin-walker for months.

In the second half of the book, a wave of heavily armed Soviet soldiers are unleashed on Canada. But where did they come from and what do they have planned for the world?

The characters and stories in this series are based off the comicbook series which was cancelled after two issues. The heroes have been redesigned, the stories updated and the book relaunched. Look for more Legion novels soon!

Canadian Legion Novel Cover Muestra