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Legion Book 2: Death Machines is almost done. I am hiring the artist for the cover art this week. There are two major villains introduced in book 2, one of them is the Proletarian. The other is one I’ve wanted to introduce for a long time now, Death Machine.

Anthony Irons is a fourth generation inventor and engineer. His great-grandfather built an exoskeleton for himself and was known as The Iron Professor. The old Iron Professor was stopped by a vigilante known as the Red Spider. Now in the 21st century, Anthony has found his great-grandfather’s old notebooks and decided to follow in his ancestors footsteps.

Anthony is no soldier or steelworker like his ancestor was. Anthony is building himself a giant robot exoskeleton called the Death Machine using his knowledge of technology and computers. It is a full-body exoskeleton that uses skin sensors to monitor the user’s nerve signals and amplify motion.He is a nerd, a spoiled rich, lanky, loser who, if not for his wealth and position with his father’s company, would just be another goth kid hanging out at Starbucks. His love of heavy metal and death is built into every inch of the massive mechanical armor he made.

The armor would amplify his strength 90 times and the internal battery, the equivalent of a nuclear reactor, could recharge on sunlight in only four hours and could last two weeks at normal power. Anthony, a paranoid death obsessed computer geek, prepared for every eventuality. The armor has built-in life support with water supplies and foodstuffs for two weeks, a full range of sensors including thermal, radiation, targeting and tracking sensors and radar. The HUD display provides thermal and nightvision as well as advanced hearing when needed. Jets in the boots let him fly the tank-sized armor up to an altitude of 15,000 ft  with an top speed of 250 miles an hour.
The HUD works as a modern  smartphone primarily through the helmet’s receiver, which picks up a broad range of signals and transmissions, including TV and radio reception. An external speaker allows Anthony to address people in a modulated, spooky voice. Inside Anthony is in total comfort, with a shaped foam and soft leather interior for comfort. The armor is, for all intents and purposes, a full-pressure space suit; regulating oxygen, temperature and air pressure. The HUD is Anthony’s pride and joy, a fully interactive interface that brings up real time data on whatever he sees through the armor’s optic systems.
For such a state of the art suit, the weapons are rather primitive. A retractable buzzsaw, mini-missiles in the large forearm gauntlets and good old fashioned metal hands that can easily crush and tear a car in half. Anthony wants to instill fear with the suit, not fight robots or terrorists. His goal is a personal one, to kill his father.

Coupled with the high tech is an almost medieval design sense. Anthony has added brass, iron and copper detailing to give the armor the appearance of a primitive armor suit, complete with spikes, skulls, chains and blades.

Wait until you see what we come up with next. . .